BuzzUniverse: Living Breathing Magic

Words By J-man

New York/New Jersey band BuzzUniverse just released their third studio album Living Breathing Magic last week in NYC. The album is rich with jamming melodies and interesting instrumental work. The vocals are reminiscent of a lot of the popular music on our scene and the production value is crisp. Living Breathing Magic features vocals in both English and Spanish, creating an interesting cross culture vibe.

The lyrics are a bit on the cheesy side, but when coupled with the horn work, create an almost Trey Anastasio Band type feel. The compositions are strong and bright paving the way for a plethora of danceable material. Living Breathing Magic covers the gambit of genres from funk to jam, Latin and soul.

If you dig you dig the popular music end of the musical jam spectrum, you should give this album a listen and familiarize yourself with BuzzUniverse.


  1. I hope you put a stamp on this cuz you mailed it in.


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