Funk Friday: Phunky Phish

Words By Greg Molitor (ReMIND Photography)

Anyone who listens to Phish knows they own any musical style they play. Around 1998, the band took a stylistic turn with the release of Story of a Ghost as things became a bit phunkier in their sound. Right before the turn of the millennium, the combination of Mike Gordon preferring to play with a bass pick with inevitable growth in their songwriting propelled Phish into new orbits of groovetasticness. This week, we’re bringing you some choice chips from the Phish Phunk era, a time when the band was highly creative and taking chances left and right during each performance. Relax, enjoy the Phish Phunk, and have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

Ghost (10.31.98)

The Moma Dance (Farm Aid 1998)

Tweezer (12.31.98)

Sneakin’ Sally Through the Alley (10.31.98)

Cities (07.06.98)

Funky Bitch (04.04.98)


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