Organomics 9.21.11

Words & Photos By J-man

Members of The Motet, Joey Porter and Garrett Sayers were joined by Dan Schwindt and Daren Hahn for a night of Jazz/Funk at Quixote's in Denver, CO. We turned out to find the band warming up and running through a couple of the songs in preparation for the show. After dialing in the levels, they stepped off stage and out to the courtyard we went to talk jazz.

We talked about some of our favorites, we talked about some of the classics and we talked about some influential obscurities. I appreciate Joey and Garrett's musical knowledge and passion for tasteful material.

As our conversation wrapped up, they headed back in and took the stage. The turnout was dismal. I wasn't sure weather to blame it on lack of promotion or lack of interest, but from the first song I knew I was experiencing something special. The depth of the music was extensive as the band went solo to solo with each being as impressive as the one prior.

Joey's Organ work was funky, but seemed jazzier than normal. He seemed to be taking a more straight ahead approach. Garrett's bass playing was as consistently mind-blowing as everything that I have seen from him. Daren Hahn's drumming was prominent as he tapped into a loose fluid style. On guitar Dan Schwindt brought the heat with effortless precision. It would be my first time seeing Dan play and I was impressed.

Organomics went through several Jazz/Funk covers. I was overwhelmed by the perfect balance of tasteful rage. They played as if it were a packed house and I was hooked. I will never miss an Organomics show, so long as I can help it. This band will impress any fan of tasteful music.

J-man's Photo Gallery From The Show


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