Juno What: Late Night Live

Words By J-man

The cats out of the bag. It's no secret that Juno What puts on one of the best dance parties on the live music scene. Their high energy synth and talk-box jams have been possessing Colorado and west coast crowds for some time. Late Night Live marks the bands third album. What sets this one apart is that it's live. Utilizing the live vibe was the next clear progression for this ever-expanding group. Late Night Live was recorded over the course of two nights at Cervantes Other Side and takes listeners back to the band's first album for a unique updated version of the material. The addition of Steve Watkins on keys and talk box has elevated the music greatly and the combination of Watkins and Joey Porter is mind-blowing. With Dave Watts on the drums, there would be no stopping the funk train.

We were fortunate enough to attend both shows and were blown away by what we heard. The material sounded as good as it ever has. The vibe was insane, with people dancing their asses off and going absolutely crazy. I knew the album would be good, but what I didn't know was how good the production and material would turn out. Late Night Live is well worth the cost (free). Give it a listen and prepare to get down...

Also, be sure to join Juno What this Saturday at Cervantes in Denver where they will be recording their show in hi-def!

Download the Late Night Live Here (Free): www.facebook.com/event/Download


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