Kung Fu 9.30.11

Words & Photos By J-man
Audio Recording By Corey Sandoval
(KIND Recordings)

Since its formation a couple of years ago, I have been waiting to see Kung Fu. The group is comprised of Tim Palmieri (The Breakfast), Todd Stoops (Raq), Rob Somerville (Deep Banana Blackout), Dave Livolsi (John Scofield, Jazz is Dead) and Adrian Tramantono (The Breakfast). Last Saturday night would mark Kung Fu's first time playing in Denver and many folks turned out for the experience.

Prior to the show we headed downstairs for a conversation with Tim Palmieri and Todd Stoops...

The opening band played for what seemed like forever. Sometime around 12:15am Kung Fu took the stage. They didn't bother to ease their way in. Instead they came out in full force with heavy progressive-style jazz. The solos were aggressive with each musician holding their own and commanding their instruments. The music was straight ahead and at no point lacked energy or drive, just one mind-blowing section after another.

Kung Fu Live at Cervantes' Other Side on September 30, 2011.

Their groove was solid and lent a heavy funk contribution to the mix. The crowd loved it and the response was extremely positive. The vocals came in after a few songs and were above average and really elevated the vibe in the crowd.

As the show unfolded the jams deepened and these machines of musicians absolutely destroyed. Consistency and near musical perfection was clearly a big focus of Kung Fu. There were no musical errors and zero near misses. I was impressed, as was the sizable Denver crowd.

Check out Kung Fu on the Archive and if this band comes to your town, do not pass on a chance to see them...


J-man's Photo Gallery From The Show


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