MusicMarauders Live! Episode One


  1. Congratulations....very interesting and job well done!

  2. too much to comment on.
    i'll go with the first one. my first real jam show, besides the biscuits at an 01 inner city fest(enjoyed by my virgin ears) was moe at the Tabernacle 02. a warts and all release. they def. slayed it. from there i caught a few ridiculous roo sets. and was finally let down seeing them new years day vegas. no real point hear. just that not many bands can be on night after night.

    and that i liked the approach y'all took on the second podcast a bit more.

  3. and that i wish i would have approached Jman about writing up the Cheese show from nashville. I'm sure the acoustic set with sam bush, stuart duncan and andy hall was a highlight of the tour for them. have a listen.


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