Steve Kimock & Friends 10.22.11

Steve Kimock & Friends
WSG/ Organomics
Quixote's True Blue
Denver, CO

Words By J-man
Photos By Carly Marthis & J-man

Denver is a mecca for live music. Clear evidence of the previous statement came in the form of a three night Steve Kimock & Friends run at Quixote's True Blue. Kimock was joined by Melvin Seals, Bobby Vega and Wally Ingram for the run with Motet offshoot, Organomics opening the Saturday and Sunday shows. We turned out for the Saturday evening show and in good company.

Organomics (Joey Porter, Garrett Sayers, Dan Schwindt & Daren Hahn) began around 9:00 pm, earlier than the typical Quixote's start. The crowd was thin, but grew rapidly as Organomics played. After seeing them only twice, they have become one of my favorite local bands. That night was a pure reflection of their individual and collective capabilities. Joey screamed on the keys, transitioning between long drawn out notes and impressive displays of melody/solo work. Garrett did what he always does, scared the shit out of me and made me laugh with the overwhelming ridiculousness of his skill. He smiled as he displayed consistent, mind blowing bass work. On the guitar Dan tore through a plethora of jazz scales. His playing was somewhat reminiscent of John Scofield. Daren's drumming was top notch, holding the group together and often leading the charge.

They were joined by guest vocalist Kim Dawson for a handful of songs. Kim's vocals fit well with the music and connected with the Denver crowd. Not only was the individual work impressive, but Organomics' collective ability to jam and communicate musically was fantastic. Their energy was hish and by the end of their set, the dance floor was packed with folks getting down to their tastefully funky grooves. Be sure to check out Organomics if you dig solid funk/jazz!

The environment out in the courtyard was relaxing and peaceful as the Billy Goats picked through their folk/bluegrass oriented set. With Christmas lights strewn across the courtyard, Paul grilled up his famous Jamaican jerked chicken. Quixote's was packed and the people were feeling it as was evident by all of the smiling faces, laughs and consumption of spirits.

Kimock & Friends took the stage around 10:30 and the main room filled in completely. Kimock has made a name as a cult/legendary guitarist, drawing out many fans of technical guitar work that may not have otherwise made the trip to Quixote's. The band sounded great. Melvin wailed on the keys. His bright tonal quality and soulful licks resonated throughout both Quixote's and my heart. On the opposite side of the stage Bobby Vega tore apart the low end. His intuition and ability so take ques and run with them continues to blow me away.

At the back of the stage Wally Ingram creatively killed it on the kit. His drumming molds to any project with ease and a sense of revitalized youthfulness. At the front of the stage with a smirk on his face, Kimock did as he always does with his guitar, blew minds. His fluid approach to the guitar is taken right from the book of Garcia, but with a spacier sense of exploration. His ambient tones and utilization of somewhat obscure scales, made for a unique sound.

Those who were paying attention to the set walked away from the evening with a sense of mind expansion, though as always seems to be the case at Kimock shows, the crowd was loud and chatty. I'm not sure if it's the ambient instrumental nature of Kimock's music that often leads people to conversation, but the last three times I have seen them, they were hard to hear over the non-stop chatter.

Following the end of the first set, we made our way to the exit. We enjoyed the music, we enjoyed the atmosphere, we enjoyed the energy... But having to tune out the crowd, just to hear the artist is near intolerable. There is ample room at Quixote's to stand and talk, it shouldn't be that the epicenter of conversation is in front of the stage...

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  1. you walked out after the first set?!?!?! bush league

  2. also, perhaps mention that the whole vibe of organomics is that its an ORGAN based band. in terms of material and stylistic approach. keyboards, hah!

  3. I did leave after the first set. I have seen Kimock a bunch recently, I am not a huge fan, it was hard to hear him over the crown and was operating on little to no sleep. Bush league? Maybe...


  4. I came from south dakota to see two nights of kimock in june. I love him and I love the music he played over those two shows. quixote's SHOULD be a cool place, but was SO packed with drunk, disrespectful deuchebags, it made the only decent place to be on stage with the band. Hopefully management found some way to make it up to steve, bobby, kyle, wally, ray, and fareed after they were treated SO poorly in june. Apparently not, though, if they were willing to let them go through the same thing with melvin. Shame on music fans in denver and shame on quixote's.

  5. It wasn't Quixote's fault that the crowd was chatty. They paid them what was owed and they have come back several times since June. Musicians enjoy playing Quixote's... It's a magical place.

    I'm not sure how you came to blame the venue...


    Post Script: I have seen Kimock several times. The crowd is always chatty. I'm not sure why, but it's unfortunate.


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