Garrett Sayers Trio w/ Joey Porter 11.16.11

Highland Tap
Denver, CO

Words & Photos By J-man
Video By Ryan Garrett
Audio By Ed Simon (edsi on

Wednesdays at The Highland Tap & Burger in Denver's Lower Highland (LoHi) district have become somewhat of weekly gathering of Motet fans, music fans in general and good friends. Walking through the door brings several smiles from many familiar faces from our wonderful scene. It's interesting the level of coverage that recent Wednesdays at The Highland Tap have drawn. In the front corner of the room videographer Ryan Garrett made minor adjustments to his fixed position camera. Also present was Colorado taper Ed Simon to capture audio of the evening's affairs. With the addition of my written and photo contributions, the event would be fully covered and would be made available to music fans all over the world in handful of mediums... for free.

Garrett Sayers Live at Highland Tap & Burger on November 16, 2011.

The previous week marked my first experience with the Garrett Sayers Trio's Wednesday residency. Then, last Wednesday we were given a special guest in the form of Mr. Juno What himself, Joey Porter. Not to take away from the Trio's normal keyboardist, but Joey really elevated the project. He brought a spacey vibe and some unique sounds outside of his characteristic funk chops. His material seemed to be a step in a jazzier direction delighting me to no end.

Early on in the evening we were joined by Motet Saxophonist Pete Wall, who had come from a rehearsal for the Last Waltz Revisited project that played the Boulder Theater last Friday. As the night progressed more friends and familiar faces came in out of the cold for a brew and some great music. We watched as Garrett did as he always does and blew our minds. This week I took notice to not only Garrett's perfect form on the bass, but his utilization of different effects and tones. I was also very impressed with the drum work of Jonny Jyemo. His style reminded me a bit of Billy Martin and at many points gave the jams a Medeski, Martin & Wood feel.

The Trio will be taking this Wednesday off. But fear not, they will be returning the following Wednesday November 30th to pick up where they left off...


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