MusicMarauders Live! Episode Two


  1. Thanks for your show. It's great to hear focus on the scene. I agree with your conversation about cheese, but have to add that the most dissapointing thing about the EOTO influence isn't ten minutes plus of heavy electronic sound per show, but the lack of old school Travis groove. No matter what song it was, when Travis would trade 2s with whomever from the band, it was fire. Being a drummer, I truly miss Travis's execution of combining precussion with the kit.

  2. I totally agree, I remember when I first starting seeing SCI and Travis would keep a beat and kill a Djembe at the same time. Before Hann it was a regular discussion with my friends as to what a percussionist would bring to the table. I honestly felt like they didn't need one based on Travis' ability to kill acoustic and kit drums at the same time. Good point and thanks for your perspective.

  3. Good stuff guys. glad to hear Molitz is so pumped about Rich Robinson band, and that they are looking for a real name/have future plans. I'd like to think salmon is getting back on the road because the cheese womp is rotting the kids brains and the originators need to show them how it's done, again. And y'all might need a podcast tab over here on the right if you keep it up. I missed the first one can't find it.

  4. Thanks, Danny!

    Done and done (top right side of the main page).



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