North Mississippi Allstars 11.11.11

The Bluebird Theater
Denver, CO

Words & Photos By J-man

We had waited in a long line for the single window box office for some time before finally arriving at the ticket booth. Signs all over the dull, scratched pain of plexieglass read "Sold Out" as I handed over my ID for our credentials. There was a buzz in the air and the typical mad scramble of a sold out show left folks in front of the venue looking for their miracle. It was a hard ticket to come by. As if the issue wasn't already complicated by the fact that it was a Friday night in Denver, The North Mississippi Allstars rarely come around and that night they would be filming a DVD. The Bluebird was packed.

Inside, the North Mississippi Allstars took the stage to an energetic and enthusiastic crowd. The cameras were rolling to catch an evening of blues rock that would move even the least familiar NMA fan. But that night in Denver, it seemed everyone in attendance was a fan.

The show featured guitarist Luther Dickinson, impressing on multiple guitars and various stringed contraptions. His slide work, as always, was breathtaking. Chris Chew chased Luther around with heavy bass lines that moved and funked the crowd. At the back of the stage, Luther's brother, Cody Dickinson annihilated the drum set as well as his characteristic electric washboard.

Collectively, NMA is tight. And for a band who doesn't often tour, it was fantastic to see such a warm and desiring reception. Friday night sold out with tickets for Saturday quickly disappearing the last I checked. The turn out and energy of the crowd spoke largely to this powerful trio and their musical reputation.

Stay tuned for a link to the DVD that was filmed that November evening in Denver...

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