Sunday Bluegrass: Henhouse Prowlers

October 7, 2011
Mary's Place
Rockford, IL

Words By J-man

We have been slowing down on several of our columns as we have began to expand in other areas, ie. our new podcast MusicMarauders Live! This week however, I sat down and listened to one of my old favorites, The Henhouse Prowlers. This thirty seven track show reflects both the musical strength of this group as well as their character as showman. It's littered with fantastic originals and traditionals of the purist sort. This show, as well as most of their material is a must listen for any fan of bluegrass music!

Henhouse Prowlers Live at Mary's Place on October 7, 2011.

Set One:

1. Will You Be Waiting There For Me
2. Cumberland Blues
3. Nobody's Love Is Like Mine
4. Shadow Of A Man
5. Carolina Moon
6. Hobo Song
7. EMD > Locomotive Breath
8. promotional shout-out
9. Mr. Charlie
10. When The Phone Don't Ring, It'll Be Me
11. Dirt Brown Pillow
12. Southbound
13. Doin' Alright
14. Summertime *
15. Kickin' Grass

Set Two:

16. Rebecca
17. Love of the Mountains
18. How Mountain Girls Can Love
19. FOTD > Jack A Roe
20. Don't Even Say Goodbye
21. Caroline
22. Nine Pound Hammer
23. Blue Ridge Cabin Home
24. Soul Saver
25. Stand By Your Man *
26. Syracuse
27. Cold Sheets of Rain
28. Homegrown Tomatoes
29. Sled Riding

Set Three:

30. Sunny Side Of The Mountain
31. Salt Spring
32. Uncle Bubba, Baby, You Gotta Quit That Noise
33. Midnight Moonlight > Category Stomp
34. I Know How It Feels
35. 40 Years of Suffering
36. Loving On Borrowed Time
37. untitled

* with Salena Rickles, Jon Goldfines mother


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