Garage A Trois 12-15-11

The Aggie Theatre
Fort Collins, CO

Words & Photos By Nicholas Stock (

Garage A Trois is a super group of epic proportions. Skerik, Mike Dillon, Stanton Moore, and Marco Benevento come together as an all out audio assault on any music fan brave enough to witness them live. What began by Moore as a side project to his main gig with Galactic has truly transformed over the years. Originally created with Charlie Hunter on guitar playing a few dates a year has continued with Benevento as a still somewhat rare live experience. Mainly because of a solid relationship between Scoo, the owner of The Aggie, and Skerik, we are lucky enough to get to see this project on a somewhat regular basis. I caught them last year with Zobomaze opening at Cervantes but saw the original lineup many years ago at the inaugural Bonnaroo.

The show began with Scoo giving an introduction that sounded like an extended inside joke with the members of GAT taking the stage in their signature tracksuits. What followed was some of the most aggressive and sometimes scary music I have seen in a long time. Individually they are so good, but together they use their powers for evil. By that I mean it really is such high-energy attack on the senses. Musically ranging from jazz infused funk to dissident smash jam, the range of what’s going on with each musician is absolutely mind boggling. Skerik blasted off in between some of his signature facial expressions and the combination of Dillon and Moore's percussive talents was something that falls into the “have to experience live” category. Focusing mainly on instrumental jams that even the most stalwart metal head would find impressive, Garage A Trios literally slayed the audience with sound. Other than one Scoo-led rendition of what can only be lightly described as Zeppelin’s "Immigrant Song" and some guttural chants from Skerik and Dillon GAT maintained their instrumental approach.

With powerful bowel shaking bass coming from the percussion and Benevento’s keyboard at times both Amy and I had to retreat to the back of the venue. The onslaught was nonstop throughout the two sets we were treated to at The Aggie. It was one of the most enjoyable live experiences I’ve had since moving to Fort Collins. The main reason has to do with the fact that seeing GAT puts you out of your comfort zone. It’s such a powerful live experience that it can’t help but leave an impression and shift your expectations of what constitutes seeing live music. I look forward to their inevitable return to the Front Range.


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