Garrett Sayers Trio 12.14.11

Highland Tap & Burger
Denver, CO

Words By J-man
Photos By Carly Marthis & J-man

Wednesdays have become an escape from the work week grind at The Highland Tap & Burger in Denver's Lower Highlands. This week The Garrett Sayers Trio's residency rolled on with a continuation of great vibes coupled with masterful tunes. Looking around the room, many familiar faces could be seen both doing their part for the scene and enjoying the music.

On the left side, Ryan Garrett stood behind his Hi-def digital camera filling the evenings affairs. On the keys, Patrick Lee contributed massive instrumentation and lively chops that impressed the room. On bass, the man of the evening, Garrett Sayers, flew through scales and progressions with virtuoso-like precision. Watching Garrett play is like watching a kung-fu master strike his opponent. Between Garrett and Patrick was Ed Simon's audio rig, recording the output to be uploaded to The Archive for free download. Sitting in on the drums was Josh Moore, who meshed with the project perfectly. The communication and chemistry of Wednesday's Trio was fantastic.

All the way to the right sat owner, Paul Brown, controlling the soundboard with a smile. It's easy to see that Paul is more than just the owner/man responsible for the music, he is a fan. It's great to see him right up front dancing and enjoying the music with the die-hards. Also in attendance that evening was Matt Butler (Everyone Orchestra) to enjoy the music. We stepped outside with Paul and Matt for some fresh air, when Matt was approached by a fan and questioned about joining The Contribution: Tim Carbone (Railroad Earth), Keith Moseley (String Cheese Incident), Phil Ferlino & Jeff Miller (New Monsoon) and Sheryl Renee. Matt seemed excited about the new relationship and hinted that if he could make it through The Mark Vann Benefit on Friday that he would be fine. I reassured him that it would be a good fit.

At set break Garrett and a few friends joined Carly and I on the patio to discuss the residency for our new podcast, MusicMarauders Live! Following our conversation we headed back inside for the second set of music. The night went on and the crowd began to thin out as the effect of the work week hit folks about mid-way through the second set. The music continued with the same energy and prowess into the evening. Wednesdays at The Highland have become a community of music fans and good folks getting together to drink, converse and enjoy great music...

Garrett Sayers Live at Highland Tap & Burger on December 14, 2011.

Note: Garrett Sayers Trio is off for the remainder of the year, but will return following the New Year. Next Wednesday (and Friday) will feature The Joey Porter Trio.

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