Garrett Sayers Trio 12.7.11

Words & Photos By J-man
Audio Recorded By Ed Simon

Things are heating up over at The Highland Tap & Burger in Denver's Lower Highlands. For the past couple of months The Garrett Sayers Trio has been playing a weekly residency at the Tap. The mellow, intimate feel of the room fits well with the Trio's ambient, at times straight ahead instrumental output. Last Wednesday evening began much like the previous, with a small group that slowly grew in anticipation of the show.

Prior to the show, taper Ed Simon could be seen setting up his gear for what would become yet another perfect recording. Owner Paul Brown greeted folks with a smile and tinkered with the soundboard in preparation for the show. Paul and staff have done a great job of creating a comfortable and enjoyable vibe at the Highland!

Garrett Sayers Live at Highland Tap & Burger on December 7, 2011.

As the Trio began, folks seemed to pour into the room, occupying the small area cleared for the dance floor. Garrett smiled and looked around the room as he grooved, only straying to communicate with his band mates. Jonny Jyemo sounded great that night, playing in the pocket and really helping to perpetuate the jazzy goodness of the set. His passive yet tight approach to the kit was reminiscent of Billy Martin (MMW). On the other side of the "stage" was Patrick Lee on keys. Patrick has been impressive the past couple of weeks but last Wednesday he really turned out to play. His bright tonal quality coupled with his quick chops on the ivory thrilled the crowd. Folks smiled, drank and danced as the evening unfolded.

Garrett Sayers blew minds , as he often does, yet that night the vibe was different. The energy was amazing and was complimented by the great music. The experience reflected the exponential growth of both the band and the residency. As the evening grew late the dance party continued...

If you like to drink, the Highland Tap & Burger is a great bar. If you enjoy sound instrumental music, you'd probably enjoy the Garrett Sayers Trio. If you're interested in both, with no cover, turn out to the Highland Tap in Denver almost every Wednesday. Also stay tuned to The Highland Tap's website and Facebook page for details.


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