MusicMarauders Live! Episode Three


  1. wook reading ability. fuggin priceless Nick.

  2. Wow, way too long... IMHO this would be better in 5 min segments... 9 at the longest... If you have to go this horribly long ... I would at least provide a list of what time you are talking on what topics... thanks otherwise the sound is ok... just way too long.

  3. We are discussing a new format. The goal would be to break it up to around a half hour and releasing twice a month. According to you this would still be too long. We are also working on giving you a downloadable option so that you can listen at your own convenience. We appreciate you oppinion and will take a breakout into considertion. I don't think we could give many of our topics a proper discussion in just five minutes. Not to mention that would be something like 25 individual podcasts from our third episode which would be a formatting nightmare. We understand that the attention span of the modern internet user is pretty slim, but we also care enough about the music and the scene that surrounds it to delve a little deeper than just a periphery look. In this episode alone we had interviews with members of Cornameal, The Contribution, and The Motet, but again we are looking at ways to break it up.

  4. anonymous 2... thats ridiculous. 5 to 9 minutes wouldn't be worth listening to. i guess applecorp would sue if they called it a podcast but thats what it is. i think 30 to 45 is great.

    Anyway, drew emmitt sho do got dat high lonesome sound. and this ATLien is pumped about 4-20 at the variety playhouse. I've gotten multiple requests from new friends in various parts of colorado to go ahead and move out. but i'm holding off until May just to see Leftover down here. I've already got two tickets and plan on buying two more, just to give to friends. Great segment about the scalpers. I'd actually like to see it become a recurring topic. Maybe talk to venue owners, getting opinions and ideas about how to turn it around and fuck the scalpers.

  5. Thanks for the comment Juice, we appreciate your insight... Always. - PhatPhlogBlogger


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