SCI After-Party: Sexfist 12.8.11

House Of Blues
Chicago, IL

Words & Photos By Nicholas Stock (

After a great night of music we decided that we just hadn’t had enough. Mikey and I got dropped off at the House of Blues for Sexfist. This group of bluegrass dynamos brought the heat to their SCI after show. As the snow began to fall we entered the nearly empty club. Luckily for us they hadn’t started yet. Within a few minutes of our arrival we watched as four gentlemen dressed in suits sauntered out onto the stage. They eased into the show demonstrating their prowess on the strings. Fast picking and solid harmonizing seem to be the hallmark of this band.

As the room slowly filled up never reaching more than about fifty or so souls I felt lucky to be there and witnessing this great music. Heavily immersed in the old timey sounds, they also brought a freshness and zeal that made for a truly interesting experience.

High points from the show included a zipping version of "Mr. Charlie" that kicked off the dust on the show weary crowd. Additional highlights from the show included "Old Home Place" and "Midnight Moonlight". A mix of classics, covers, and original picking tunes were what we witnessed that night at The House of Blues. For their encore the band walked off the stage and played unplugged. They treated us to a sweet version of "I’m Blue I’m Lonesome" before calling it a night in the wee hours of the morning. This was my first time seeing this group and I was truly impressed with the entire package. From their attire to their pick of venue to their overall style, this show was the gem in the doughnut of my weekend in Chicago.

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