Garrett Sayers Trio 1.11.12

Highland Tap & Burger
Denver, CO

Words & Photos By J-man

It was Wednesday. I knew this not because my calendar said so, but because The Highland Tap had posted on Facebook informing people that The Garrett Sayers Trio would be playing The Highland Tap. Garrett's weekly residency has become a staple in the Denver music scene drawing respectable crowds consisting of fans, new-comers and a handful of Colorado musicians who had turned out not to play, but to enjoy the music. Last night's show was a little bit different from the rest, with Daren Hahn sitting in on drums for Jonny Jyemo. The environment was great, the food fantastic and there was a new beer on tap called Chai No Mite, brewed especially for The Highland. A new beer, different drummer and some new tunes made for a nice change of pace.

Every time I see the Garrett Sayers trio they seem to improve upon their already impressive ability. It was little subtleties that caught my attention and thrilled me. Patrick Lee tore it up on the keys, putting out beautiful melodies. The groove was deep on the left side of the room. Next to Patrick was Garrett leading the charge on bass. His tone was so solid and his groove so solid that one can only get lost in where they thought Garrett would go next... and then Garrett would bring back on the four to keep the groove consistent in between his ridiculously mind-blowing fills. Next to Garrett was Daren on drums, keeping the pocket so deep that there was so much space for Garrett and Patrick to work with. Daren fit perfectly in the project and had my jaw on the floor at several points during the show.

I challenge you to find a more musically talented group at a place with better vibes than the Highland... for free. If you've been, you know and if you haven't been it's time to make plans for next Wednesday...

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