Grant Farm & American Beauty 1.21.12

Quixote's True Blue
Denver, CO

Words By J-man
Photos By Carly Marthis & J-man

There was lots of music happening in Denver that night. We found ourselves at Quixote's True Blue for a mellow evening of Dead music. Coming through the door of the venue I could hear Grant Farm had already taken the stage. Entering the room I was shocked to see that there was next to no one in attendance. I glanced down at my phone to see that it was just past 9:30 pm. Folks don't usually turn out to Quixote's until 10:30-11:00. We took a seat on a ledge near the soundboard and tuned into the music.

Tyler Grant and the most updated version of his project, Grant Farm, performed their rock/country sounding arrangements with fury and precision. The reason I use the word "arrangements" as opposed to "tunes" or "jams" is out of respect for the technical organization of the music. What was once a bluegrass/jam project has developed and blossomed into a unique rock group. The project is comprised of a talented group of musicians including, Chris Misner (Drums), Sean Foley (Keys), Ace Engfer (Bass) & Tyler Grant on guitar.

Their original material impressed me, but it was the utilization of the Grateful Dead's "Help>Slipknot>Franklin's Tower" that stole the show. It was fantastic to hear Jay Bianchi (owner) yell in excitement as the band transitioned into "Franklin's Tower." I see a lot of shows at Quixote's, but I have never seen Jay get so excited. He stood dancing in front of the stage as the small crowd's danced with utter joy! The hair stood on my arms as as Tyler dug into some mind-blowing guitar work. I was very impressed with Grant Farm's set.

In the back room Grateful Dead cover band, American Beauty, took over with some solid renditions of Dead material. As it got later more folks turned out to join the party. It's always a good time listening to Dead music at Quixote's and that night was one of those mellow enjoyable evenings...

*Special thanks to Tyler Grant for sitting down for a conversation with MusicMarauders Live!

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