The Motet w/ Euforquestra New Years Eve 12.31.11

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The Motet rang in 2012 with a funk-fueled extravaganza supported by Euforquestra at the Aggie Theatre in Fort Collins. After hitting Railroad Earth’s show the night prior we were ready for a dance party in Fort Collins. We headed down to the show around 9:00 pm. The crowd was already gathering as Euforquestra took the stage soon after our arrival. They opened up with their now classic "Cause A Reaction"; here is the complete setlist.

SET I: Cause A Reaction, Road Funk, Feels Good, Melody Truck, Free >Excuse O, Berrington / Brown Medley, Fool In The Rain> Soup> Fool In The Rain, Life During Wartime, Feel Together

Their set was a high-octane journey through funk, afrobeat, reggae and jam. There was a palpable buzz surrounding the music as the show began. People were ready to say goodbye to 2011 in a big way with one last hurrah. Lasting around an hour and half the opening set took on a headliner feel. The temperature of the room rose as the people packed in tightly. In fact by the end of the set it was practically impossible to move around comfortably. The highlight of their set was their "Fool In The Rain" sandwich with "Soup" taking the place of the beef. As the setlist indicated "Life During Wartime" was to be the closer, but Euforquestra threw a cherry on the sundae with "Feel Together." I was very happy with their set and by the end it was obvious they had made many new fans with this performance.

After a short equipment change, The Motet took to the stage with members of Euforquestra around 11:30 PM. Opting for one long set this two-hour plus journey through electro funk and jam was the perfect way to ring in the New Year. They opened the show with Fela Kuti’s "Expensive Shit." Here is the complete setlist.

SET I: Expensive Shit, Afrodisco Beat> NYE Countdown, I’ve Got That Boogie Fever, Power> Push> Power, Back In Love, Nemesis> Shakara, Shake Your Booty, Only So Much Oil, Roforofo Fight

ENCORE: Drop It In The Slot, Gas Money

The show might as well have been billed as Motequestra because that’s just what we witnessed. With the various members of Euforquestra bouncing on and off of the stage The Motet were rarely playing alone. At times the horn section swelled to five members giving a full brass sound to many of the jams throughout the evening. These bands compliment each other so well, mainly because they are both immersed in afrobeat and funk but Euforquestra has enough world flair to juxtapose nicely to The Motet’s electro edge. The New Year’s Countdown came quickly and I raced back from the front fearing I wouldn’t find Amy in time. Luckily she was waiting on the stairs for me and we got to take the leap into 2012 together.

After the rowdiness of the countdown, the show broke down into an all out dance-off. Arms flailed in the air as everyone shuffled for space on the floor. The "Nemesis" into "Shakara" was the highlight of the show and again demonstrated how deeply The Motet is interested in delivering the funk in a big way. The driving rhythm of "Nemesis" melted into the spacey afrobeat of Fela Kuti’s "Shakara." About this time I was in the back corner and a fight broke out. I grabbed one of the offenders as other concertgoers helped pull them apart. Just as the scuffle ended another patron jumped in. It was at about this time security showed up to escort them out. A couple of their girlfriends got into it as well and one threw a full tallboy at the other before they too were taken outside. People were just incredibly wasted and the tightness of the crowd probably added to the flared tempers of these kids. They ended their set as they began with yet another Fela Kuti tune.

"Roforofo Fight" is another track that The Motet have pretty much adopted as their own and it was a great way to close the show. They encored with the one two punch of "Drop It In The Slot" and "Gas Money." The pounding afrobeat and funky rhythms that permeated this show are the reason I see both of these bands. When they team up it makes for an incredible experience and I was happy to welcome 2012 with them. Happy New Year everybody, I’m looking forward to another year of amazing live experiences.

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