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Bowlive III: Night One 2.28.12

Brooklyn Bowl
Brooklyn, NY

Words By Karen Dugan (
Photos By Phrazz

Happy Bowlive New York City! Faithful fans of Soulive descend upon the Brooklyn Bowl, one of Brooklyn’s premier music venues, last night for the first night of the highly anticipated ten-night run BOWLIVE III.

In previous years, Bowlive audiences have had the pleasure of witnessing diverse line-ups of well-known and up and coming musicians, taking their turn on stage with guitarist Eric Krasno, organist Neal Evans and drummer Alan Evans, the soulful trio who inspire these ten nights of musical magic. Bowlive III will be no different with scheduled collaborations by Zach Deputy, Big Sam, Karl Denson, Questlove, Lettuce, Rahzel, Allen Stone, Jennifer Hartswick, and the Alecia Chakour Band. More additions are added continuously over the run so keep those eyes (and ears) open.

Straying from the formula of the past two years, Soulive hit the stage early, opting out of an opening band until the weekend performances. The trio statted slow with the appropriate “So Live.” Their energy was calm and they warmed up nicely into the explosive “Hat Trick,” which would set the tone for the rest of the night.

John Scofield, one of America’s greatest Jazz guitarists and composers, was the first guest to appear on stage this year. Joining the trio on the third song, “Tabasco,” a Scofield original, Krazno and Scofield immediately engaged in each other. A Billy Cobham cover, “Red Baron,” followed allowing for each musician on stage to throw down some lightening rod solos. Scofield’s time on stage brought a range of psychedelic jamming and jazz infusion to the trio’s sound that only Scofield can help create.

Nigel Hall (The Warren Haynes Band, Dr. Klaw) was next to join the stage, initially jumping in on the keyboards with Alan Evan during “What You See.” Next, Hall took to the microphone and delivered the sultry, sexy Donny Hathaway cover “More Then You’ll Ever Know.” Hall’s emotional connection to this powerful ballad was evident as he melted the hearts in front of him. “Boozer,” another Scofield original, ended the KILLER first set with Scofield thanking Soulive for allowing him to join the party and calling Hall a “genius.” After a short intermission, the Evans brothers and Krasno were back on stage, alone, performing the beautifully composed “El Ron” followed by a raging “One in Seven.” No special guests needed to be on stage to ensure that fire was coming off it.

When slide guitarist Luther Dickinson (North Mississippi All stars) joined the stage, all hell broke loose. Booker T. and the MG’s cover “Hip Hug Her” started slow and simple, a playing quality that Luther Dickinson has perfected with his understated simplicity and lightening fast fingers. The set continued with Dickinson, Krasno and the Evan brothers elevating their quality of playing to the peak of high energy for the evening, downright melting the audience’s faces with solo after solo after solo.

The wonderful Alan Evans was left alone the stage for an isolated drum solo lit by a single house light. His serious composer throughout the evening provided the foundation for all this musical majesty to take place. Neal Evans’ organ play was intense and when paired with the slide guitar of Dickinson, brought Soulive’s sound to new heights. It is collaborations like these that make Bowlive so special.

When they broke into “Hear My Train” by Jimi Hendrix, the rage that ensued both on stage and in the audience was palpable. “Do you see what is happening on stage?” was a common statement that could be heard throughout the night. The foursome encored with another Hendrix song, “Stone Free,” a tight, jamming song that cemented the power of the evening and left the audience screaming with thunderous applause.

Bowlive III has begun New York! We can only hope that you can handle it because after the freight train of rage that was released last night; there will be no stopping it. The power that slides off of these performances are unlike any regular 2-set performances you attend. The energy and collaborations that you will enjoy in the coming weeks will far surpass many musical runs you have experienced.

From Denver to Boulder w/ PMW 2.25.12

Casa De Paul Brown
Denver, CO

Words By J-man
Photos By J-man & Carly Marthis

Who is Poor Man's Whiskey? Are they just another gimmicky cover band exploiting the popular music of a past generation or could their original music stand on it's own? How was it that Michael Kang got signed on to this project? I had a lot of questions as my curiosity peaked leading up to seeing the band for the first time. It was a Friday afternoon in Denver, CO and Carly and I had a date with PMW w/ Michael Kang at The Casa De Paul Brown! We swung by Quixote's True Blue to pick up a stack of tickets for the evening's show at The Oriental Theater, which I would be selling to the attendees of Paul's Pickin' Party. As fantastic folks and familiar faces flooded into Paul's place in Denver's Lower Highlands, food was catered in from The Highland Tap & Burger and drinks were poured. By the time the band arrived the party was buzzing!

I ducked upstairs to use the restroom where I found Michael Kang on the computer in Paul's guestroom, with his fiddle in hand, practicing.

"Hey! What's up Man?" Kang said excitedly.

"Looking forward to hearing what Poor Man's Whiskey is capable of!" I responded

"You've been keeping busy, huh?" Michael said with a smile.

At which point we went into a discussion about how the Colorado scene is thriving, as we compared it to other music communities such as NYC, NOLA, San Fran, etc. I was excited to catch up with Micheal as I headed downstairs to the packed main level of Paul's house. Ton's of tickets were sold to excited fans and friends as the band drew their instruments from their holsters. It was time for a musical shoot out.

One Set: Stuck in Colorado, White Freight Liner, Friend of The Devil, Pig in a Pen, Sweet Child O' Mine, Midnight Moonlight, Wagon Wheel

The music was fairly roots oriented with a rowdy edge to it. The songs and instrumentation were fun and the vibe was through the roof. Folks danced and sang in Paul's living room as the band entertained. The evening was one the most intimate musical experiences of my life and as the short set wrapped up I reflected on how grateful I was to be in Denver among such wonderful people as Paul, his girlfriend Shelly, my brother Brandon, his girlfriend Katie and of course Carly!

I left Paul's house that evening feeling so energized, but unlike the rest of the party, Carly and I made our way not to the Oriental Theater for PMW w/ Kang, but to Quixote's where we would catch The Henhouse Prowlers. As we left, we could see Kang in the upstairs window practicing. I felt some regret missing the show, but looked forward to my next PMW experience, which came sooner than expected.

This is where our coverage should have ended, but in fact this is the point where the story took a crazy twist...

Carly & J-man's Photo Gallery

The Highland Tap & Burger
Denver, CO

The following day Carly and I had brunch plans with friends. We recommended The Highland Tap, as it has quickly become one of our favorite new spots. I shot Paul a text that read "We're heading to the Tap for brunch, you should join us for a drink" which to my delight he responded "We're here, see you shortly." Walking in the door of The Tap, I was thrilled to see Paul and Shelly joined by PMW and Michael Kang! "Pull up a table!" Paul said, as I sat down next to Kang.

We dined while I was caught up to speed on the previous evening's happenings and crazy stories. As PMW talked about that evening's show in Boulder, I reflected on my plans. "Since Carly is hanging out with the girls and I tonight, you should go with the guys to Boulder," Shelly said with a smile. "Yeah, we've got room," Paul said with a smile. With that, my evenings's plans were set. I would be riding to Boulder with PMW's manager Eric Walton, Kang and Paul.

A couple of hours later I found myself at The Casa De Paul Brown once again, loading the car for our short trek to Boulder. We listened to Sirius Jam On and at one point I told the guys how I had met Carly at String Cheese Red Rocks, to which we all had a good laugh.

The Fox Theatre
Boulder, CO

Arriving at The Fox, soundcheck ensued before the band went it's seperate ways in search of food. I recommended Mamasitas, a little Mexican restaurant next door to The Fox. We were joined by the bulk of the band for a meal before heading back to the greenroom at The Fox. PMW picked and warmed up as great energy built up backstage! Just prior to showtime the band called everyone in for a huddle (myself included)! As the energy began to peak, the band made it's way upstairs to a respectable crowd.

PMW's first set began in plain clothes with the band plus Katy Rexford (Fiddle) on "Lets Go Out." Katy exited the stage as the band played a great version of "Down Under," substituting lyrics such as "You better drink, you better drink whiskey." Katy returned to the stage for "Good Morning," before the band brought out their guest of honor. "Old Joe Clark>Cripple Creek" brought Kang to the stage for some duel fiddling with Katy. At first Katy seemed timid/hesitant, but as the set went on she loosened up and dug into the music. The banter between songs was entertaining and was often led by Josh Brough (Banjo, Keys).

PMW teased the crowd as Kang returned to the greenroom following just one song. We sat and chatted about Michael's schooling and what it was like growing up in Berkeley and Oakland. As we talked the band launched into "Country Song," encouraging the crowd to participate vocally. As "PMS" started, Micheal laughed and told me to listen to the words of the song. It was indeed a song about PMS. With the first few notes of "Catfish John" I headed upstairs to catch the jam. Their version was near perfect and left me grinning. "Stuck in Colorado" followed after a lengthy story about Josh being arrested the last time they were in Boulder and the song stemming from that experience. Katy and Kang once again joined in on the pickin'.

What came next was one of the highlights of the show. "Orange Blossum Special>Rivertrance" had the crowd roaring and dancing like crazy. I was overwhelmingly impressed with the playing of Sean Lehe (Guitar). Sean ripped through some incredible acoustic and electric guitar work. Equally impressive was Kang on "Rivertrance," a song that he has made his own. With the closing of the first set, there was a dash for the door from fans, as the band retreated to the green room. I joined to see what antics would take place during their transformation into the characters of The Wizard of Oz.

Looking around the room I saw Paul Brown tying the strings of Michael's Tin Man costume, as well as Katy and PMW's road manager braiding Josh's hair. A gentleman who was introduced to me as "String Cheese's Accountant," commented on who the obvious Dorthy would be, as there was only one woman in the band. As I glanced over at Josh, who's hair was braided and who was wearing a country dress, I commented that he may be mistaken in his assumption. The energy was really light and really loose as the band huddled once again before taking the stage for what would be billed as their "Dark Side of The Moonshine" set!

The crowd cheered and the room filled in once again. It was great to see a group of grown men in costume, so light-hearted. The second set was a hodgepodge of Bluegrass, Rock and Jam. According to the setlist they played "Darkside," "Willie" and "Rockstar." For me, I was having so much fun that I lost track. The music was really enjoyable and I was really impressed with Jason Beard (Guitar, Mandolin) who seemed to be having a blast. The rhythm section of Aspen Stevenson (Bass) and George Smeltz (Drums, Suitcase) was also extremely sound, creating some cool rock moments.

The second highlight of the evening came next, with the band closing their second set and taking an encore on the main floor of the room. "Wagon Wheel," a crowd favorite closed the evening with folks gathered around the band, singing, dancing and many holding up their cellphone cameras. The moment made the hair on my arms stand. I'm not one for cheesy moments, but this felt real. I was really impressed with Poor Man's Whiskey.

Backstage the party was on as the band was excited about the show! Slowly the evening wound down, with The Fox clearing out completely and load-out wrapping up. We said our good-byes and headed back to Denver. Back at Paul's house we reconnected with Shelly and minutes later Carly walked through the door to find me sitting on the couch in the living room with Paul on his back and Kang doing yoga. She looked at me and smiled... What a night!

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Garrett Sayers Trio 2.22.12

Highland Tap & Burger
Denver, CO

Words By J-man
Photos & Video By Jhonette Perdue & Brian Rempel (

The Garrett Sayers Trio (Garrett, Patrick Lee, Jonny Jyemo) Residency is the place to be on Wednesdays in Denver! Every Wednesday folks, both weekly attendees and new-comers, flock to The Highland Tap & Burger in Denver's Lower Highlands for an evening of FREE music with a who's who crowd from the live music scene! Promoters, musicians, managers, publicists and fans converge on the Tap for what has become a magical showcase boasting incredible vibes, as well as great food and drinks!

This past Wednesday, The Highland Tap played host to it's biggest turn out yet for the weekly showcase! The room was packed with folks watching in amazement as the trio tore through some enjoyable instrumental covers and originals, including tracks by Black Star, Medeski Martin & Wood and more. The music took on an energetic yet vibey swagger as the band's chemistry poured out to the crowd.

As the evening progressed the energy flowing back and forth from the band to the crowd became palatable and the jams dug deeper and deeper. Fans never cease to be impressed with the trio's output. Patrick has been utilizing dirtier tones while exploring the space of the room with great response. Jonny continues to dig deeper into the pocket, holding together jams ranging from loose to tight. What is there to say about Garrett that I haven't already said? It seems that both he and the band have really been enjoying exploring new songs in front of an increasing crowd.

Upcoming Music Showcase Schedule:

-Wed. Feb. 29th Garrett Sayers Trio

-Wed. March 7th Joey Porter Trio

-Wed. March 14th Garrett Sayers Trio

-Wed. March 21st Textiles Feat. Pete Wall

-Wed. March 28th Joey Porter Trio

If you've been attending, you know. If you haven't, it's time to find out what all of the hype is about. Join us this and every Wednesday for great music at The Highland Tap & Burger!

Jhonette & Brian's Photo Gallery

Whitewater Ramble's Mardi Gras 2.21.12

The Fox Theatre
Boulder, CO

Words By J-man
Photos By Carly Marthis & J-man

With the coming of Mardi Gras came what felt like an annual event, Whitewater Ramble with special guests in Boulder! WWR was joined by The Henhouse Prowlers for an evening that would mark my first time seeing both WWR & HHP with their newest members. Backstage special guests began to turn out and the party began with a mix of musicians tuning and jamming. At one point the Henhouse Prowlers began a warm-up/pickin' session that caught the attention of the whole room triggering everyone to stop what they were doing and gather around the suited band of professionals. We joked with Joey Porter (Motet, Juno What) about his role in the event before having a conversation with Ben Wright (Banjo, HHP) and Patrick Sites (Mandolin, WWR) for MusicMarauders Live. The conversation begged some interesting questions and yielded some satisfying responses. The time came for the Henhouse Prowlers to take the stage, so with that we followed them upstairs to the two thirds full room.

Their reception was fantastic as it was clear that many had turned out specifically to see HHP, sporting Henhouse Prowlers & [omit name] t-shirts. The set began with a lot of energy and excitement as the band announced that they would be entertaining the Boulder crowd for the next hour! The Prowlers went through a near perfect set of traditionals and originals, reflecting the respect, knowledge and history of assembling a set of bluegrass music. Whether considering their two newest members had only been with the band for two months or not, their playing was top notch. The group shared the single mic equally, rotating in and out as the compositions unfolded.

I found myself really impressed with the development of the three-part harmony of Jon Goldfine (Bass), Ben Wright (Banjo) and Grant Ziolkowski (Mandolin). Factor in the newest vocal contributors, Dan Andree (fiddle) and Starr Moss (Guitar) and you have yourself one hell of a vocal powerhouse. The other essential aspect would be instrumentation and rest assured this traveling group of troubadours had it covered. Dan's fiddle playing brought back a much needed element of HHP as their previous fiddle player, Ryan Hinshaw, was an immeasurable piece of the equation. I was also extremely impressed with Starr's picking! I noticed several subtle contributions of his that added new flavor to older songs.

Following an incredible set that featured some great new songs, the band excited the stage with big smiles. Backstage Whitewater Ramble warmed up, picked and dawned Mardi Gras masks for the occasion. The stage manager popped her head in downstairs and informed WWR that they were ready for them. The band headed upstairs to a one third third full venue, with en estimated half of the crowd departing after the HHP set.

Whitewater Ramble came out swinging equally as hard as the prowlers, featuring some energetic songs and instrumentation. The newest incarnation of Ramble sounded great! Added bonuses came in the form of Joe Lessard (Fiddle, Head For The Hills) & Joey Porter (Keys, Motet & Juno What)! Joe fit right in, however Joey took time to open up. When he did, he sounded great and fit the vibe well. Howard Montgomery's father also joined here and there on the accordion, adding an interesting almost zydeco sound to the mix.

Newest member Zach Daniels (Banjo) fit well and impressed with his picking abilities, as did Paul Kemp (Drums). Also welcomed to the stage were former members Luke Emig (Drums) and Adam Galblum (Fiddle) oddly enough. All in all the vibe was great and though the turn out was really low, WWR played well and even did a balloon drop. We had a great time that evening at The Fox Theatre, however, it seemed as though the event was poorly scheduled. Yes, it was "Fat Tuesday" and a great time to celebrate Mardi Gras, but also it was a Tuesday in Boulder which translated into a very limited turn out for a band that plays in Colorado pretty consistently.

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Juno What 2.18.12

Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom
Denver, CO

Words By J-man
Photos By Carly Marthis

We went in search of a dance party and a dance party is what we found! Juno What's electro-funk throw down returned to Denver for an evening that would mark their second performance in Cervantes' Masterpiece Ballroom. The ballroom filled in as Sunsquabi opened the evening of music. Backstage the vibe was high as members of Juno What, Joey Porter & Steve Watkins, dawned their characteristic white jump suits. With the arrival of Dave Watts the trio was ready to take the stage to a fast-filling Cervantes!

Juno What appeared to an elevated level of energy and wasted no time in diving into their filthy funk. Mind-bending notes and vocals from the two talkboxes of Joey and Steve fueled the party, while Dave gave the crowd a beat to get down to. Through one set of raging jams, they touched on such favorites as the title track off of their second album, "Shameless" as well as "Take Control of Your Body" and "What You See is What You Get."

Accompanying the band through the whole show were two large screens placed on each side of the stage and displaying some fantastic projections. Also joining Juno What that evening were saxaphonist Matt Pitts (Motet), trumpet player Gabe Mervine (Motet) and vocalist Jans Ingber (Motet). Each of the aforementioned musicians contributed greatly to the vibe that night and with the combination of Cervantes' top notch light rig, we rode out the evening like a dream...

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Poor Man's Whiskey w/ Michael Kang 2.24.12

The Oriental Theater
Denver, CO

Words & Photos By Nicholas Stock

Heading down to the Oriental Theater in Denver, the only name on the bill that I had seen before was Michael Kang. My expectations were low even though I had heard rave reviews about Poor Man’s take on the Pink Floyd classic. First up was Dead Winter Carpenters opening the show. Hailing from North Lake Tahoe, California, this roots rock band blends elements of folk, blues, jam, bluegrass and more. They put on an interesting show to say the least. They opened up with a rowdy "How To Make A Living 101."

SET I: How To Make A Living 101, Devil Town, Find Your Home, Sun Don’t Shine, I Shot Him, Tahoe Gal, From Here to San Antone, One Foot In The Gutter, East On 8, Take Your Mama, Cabin Fever

I have to say that I was impressed with what Dead Winter Carpenters brought to the table. They had an easy-going feel to their sound, but with an urgency to their heavy hitting tunes that got the crowd moving. The Oriental is a great room that has recently gotten a second wind with Jay Bianchi doing more bookings and getting more shows into this timeless venue. The tall ceiling makes for a somewhat boomy effect on the sound, but this is my only real criticism for the location. The crowd filtered in throughout the opening set, never reaching capacity but definitely filling properly. The bulk of the crowd consisted of Highland and Lo-Hi neighborhood yuppies with a mix of wooks and randoms. When you are this far from downtown it’s hard to pull a sell out, but it was definitely close to 2/3’s full. Dead Winter Carpenters were the exact right choice for this opening slot, and they were like a Velcro match to Poor Man’s Whiskey. Both bands were a blend of bluegrass and blues with a rock edge. With their relentless tour schedule and ability to make new fans with every show it won’t be long before they are taking the headlining slot on marquees around the country.

Poor Man’s Whiskey started their show with a set of their standard material. Well, standard with a few bells and whistles in the form of Michael Kang and Katy Rexford. They opened with "Like A River."

SET I: Like A River, Let’s Go Out, Angeline, Cousin Billy, Sierra Girl, Mexico, Truckee Tracy, PMS, Abigail, Deal, Orange Blossom Special> River Trance

SET II: Dark Side of the Moonshine Set – Speak To Me/Breathe> On The Run> Time> Great Gig In The Sky> Whiskey> Us And Them> Any Colour You Like> Brain Damage> Eclipse, Humboldt Hoedown, Whiskey In Heaven

ENCORE: (Acoustic On The Floor) Wish You Were Here, Rocky Top, The Weight

The show was literally jam packed with music. Calling themselves a “High Octane Hootenanny,” their live experience lived up to this title in a big way. Musically these road worn travelers show their unbelievable array of experience with every beat. Thinking they are simply a bluegrass band was a huge mistake on my part. Leaning more to the slamgrass of bands like Leftover Salmon, Poor Man’s Whiskey was a journey through both the acoustic and the electric. Highlights from the first set included an impressive jam on Abigail as well as a mesmerizing "Orange Blossom Special" into "Rivertrance" with Michael Kang taking the lead. I’m so used to seeing Kang on his electric mando with String Cheese and only busting out his fiddle occasionally. Seeing him perform exclusively on this instrument was just one more perk of this show. They ended their set with a notice to the crowd to stay tuned for Dark Side of the Moonshine.

Poor Man’s Whiskey came back in full Wizard of Oz regalia with the film being projected on the screen behind them as they began this much-anticipated set of music. Performing with a much more stripped down acoustic sound, this bluegrass rendition of the Pink Floyd fan favorite was truly a spectacle. Perhaps the most insane track of the show entitled Whiskey, which was Poor Man’s version of Time. A couple of helpers came out on stage carrying a basket of beer and Jason Beard used the sound of the can opening as an effect in the opening of the song, before they ripped into this extraordinary version. Their modification of Brain Damage was also a highlight of the show. After "Eclipse" they ended the second set with a few more originals including their tribute to Humboldt County growers.

As Poor Man’s Whiskey closed the show they came onto the floor of The Oriental Theater with their instruments and picked a few songs for the crowd campfire style. Playing "Wish You Were Here," "Rocky Top," and "The Weight" with members of Dead Winter Carpenters as well as Michael Kang was almost too much. It was a great way to end the evening, which pushed to almost 2:00 AM as we finally left the building. Overall it was a great night of music and truly an exhibition of musical prowess and creativity. I would definitely watch it from start to finish again.

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Snowlive 2.19.12

The Fox Theatre
Boulder, CO

Words & Photos By Nicholas Stock

Soulive is a classic soul-jazz, funk instrumental outfit hailing from upstate New York. Their sound is from a bygone era with a power and ferocity that can’t help but turn heads. I caught them way back in my early days in the scene, but have not seen them live for over five years. When I heard about their Snowlive run at The Fox, which included sit-ins from JJ Grey, Jonathan Stewart, Jon Grey and Jennifer Hartswick as well as workshops in the afternoons, I knew I had to catch at least one night. The Snowlive run, which continues in Lake Tahoe this weekend was jam-packed with music and information. Sunday’s show was a solo performance that ended with their highly touted Rubber Soulive set that was comprised of selections from The Beatles.

The atmosphere in the room when I arrived was casual. By the time Soulive took the stage the room was loosely packed, but most definitely full. The range in the crowd was incredibly diverse; everyone from the bubbly college girl to the salt-and-pepper hardcore jazz fan was in attendance. I got the setlist from the sound guy, but I know it is not 100% correct.

SET I: The Swamp, Turn, uncle, Nubian Lady, Bubble, Flurries, One In 7

SET II: Drive My Car, Revolution, In My Life, Come Together, Something, Get Back, Eleanor Rigby, I Want You


Excited fans began shouting out their favorites and the band indulged them. This was the vibe, like a chill jam session, but if you know anything about Soulive you know their delivery is anything but chill. Alan Evans can only be described as authoritative on the kit. His driving bass drum set the path for their heavy-handed funk. Brother Neal Evans is absolutely mesmerizing on the organ with nimble fingers and true sense of timing. Eric Krasno goes from beautifully subtle to face melting solos with the hit of Alan's snare. Their first set was a perfect demonstration of their characteristic sound and the dynamic range of their performances. I was thrilled with their first set as it reminded me why I got into this band so many years ago. They exude pure energy and give raw funk a proper representation.

The Rubber Soulive set was a new experience in the traditional packaging of this stellar band. Krasno’s guitar took the place of vocals on many of the Beatles tunes as the Evans brothers laid down some serious rhythms. Their take on these well-known tunes was like giving the Beatles a funky enema. Highlights included an explosive version of "Come Together" and an amazing "Get Back." The crowd sang quietly as Soulive ripped these songs a new one quite literally. I found myself grooving pretty hard and felt like I had found a long lost memory. I knew that Soulive had the right stuff but this show was like rediscovering something I had lost. This trio from New York just kills it live and I was incredibly happy that I gave them another look after so many years. They did not disappoint. As I walked out in the cool night air, the snow was beginning to fall on Boulder and I knew I had witnessed something special. The end of the Snowlive run in Colorado left me stoked and ready to see them the next time they make it out to the Front Range. You should too.

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