Garrett Sayers Trio 2.22.12

Highland Tap & Burger
Denver, CO

Words By J-man
Photos & Video By Jhonette Perdue & Brian Rempel (

The Garrett Sayers Trio (Garrett, Patrick Lee, Jonny Jyemo) Residency is the place to be on Wednesdays in Denver! Every Wednesday folks, both weekly attendees and new-comers, flock to The Highland Tap & Burger in Denver's Lower Highlands for an evening of FREE music with a who's who crowd from the live music scene! Promoters, musicians, managers, publicists and fans converge on the Tap for what has become a magical showcase boasting incredible vibes, as well as great food and drinks!

This past Wednesday, The Highland Tap played host to it's biggest turn out yet for the weekly showcase! The room was packed with folks watching in amazement as the trio tore through some enjoyable instrumental covers and originals, including tracks by Black Star, Medeski Martin & Wood and more. The music took on an energetic yet vibey swagger as the band's chemistry poured out to the crowd.

As the evening progressed the energy flowing back and forth from the band to the crowd became palatable and the jams dug deeper and deeper. Fans never cease to be impressed with the trio's output. Patrick has been utilizing dirtier tones while exploring the space of the room with great response. Jonny continues to dig deeper into the pocket, holding together jams ranging from loose to tight. What is there to say about Garrett that I haven't already said? It seems that both he and the band have really been enjoying exploring new songs in front of an increasing crowd.

Upcoming Music Showcase Schedule:

-Wed. Feb. 29th Garrett Sayers Trio

-Wed. March 7th Joey Porter Trio

-Wed. March 14th Garrett Sayers Trio

-Wed. March 21st Textiles Feat. Pete Wall

-Wed. March 28th Joey Porter Trio

If you've been attending, you know. If you haven't, it's time to find out what all of the hype is about. Join us this and every Wednesday for great music at The Highland Tap & Burger!

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