Garrett Sayers Trio 2.8.12

Highland Tap & Burger
Denver, CO

Word By J-man
Photos By Carly Marthis
Audio Recording By Ed Simon

The Garrett Sayers Trio continued it's residency at The Highland Tap in Denver's Lower Highlands last Wednesday and we took on a different role for the week's show. For what would be the next four Wednesdays at The Highland Tap, I have been asked to sit in on sound. Let me start by pointing out that I know nothing about sound... But I would learn and it would be one more experience on the ole' resume. Last Wednesday the trio (Garrett, Patrick Lee & Jonny Jyemo) turned out with some new tunes that translated into some great moments, in what was a wonderful evening of free music at the Tap.

We loaded in the gear to a packed house while the Highland Tap transitioned from the viewing of a sporting event into an evening with GST. With the help of Sweetwine Entertainment's, Ira Sweetwine, the sound was dialed in. The show began behind schedule due to the game, but with immediate energy and musical assertiveness...

Garrett Sayers Live at Highland Tap & Burger on February 8, 2012.

Since seeing the trio for the first time several months ago, they have come a long way in the development of their material, their comfort and chemistry with one another, as well as the draw/crowd size. Wednesday's show reflected a well rehearsed group of top notch musicians, venturing through covers as well as originals in what was an instrumentally dark and grooving set of arrangements and solos. Week after week, so long as the material is fresh (which it has been pretty consistently), I find myself being blown away.

As the night grew later tables were cleared to make room for the largest crowd of folks dancing at the Tap that I had ever seen. It was a fantastic night with great friends, old and new. Wednesday nights at the Highland Tap have quickly become the most anticipated and most enjoyable night of free weekly music in Denver. Join us this and every Wednesday night at The Highland Tap & Burger.

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