Snowlive 2.18.12

The Fox Theatre
Boulder, CO

Words & Photos By Brad Hodge

Night one in the bag, alongside a day of workshops with Neal Evans and Eric Krasno and the band seemed pretty excited to hit the stage again. Soulive has a great history with the Colorado music scene, and more importantly with the Fox Theatre family. So it was no surprise when the three-night run was announced.

Much like the first night the band came out as the old school Soulive trio. They are so amazing to watch when they operate in the trio format. There is such graceful transitions and unity in the play. They play in many different formats, often times adding the Shady Horns, special guests ranging from Warren Haynes to Maceo Parker and vocalist like Nigel Hall. However the shear amount of talent these three poses is so much more apparent when they go at it alone.

The weekend’s special guests started to make their way out, starting with the supremely talented Jennifer Hartswick. She would soon be followed by heavyweights Jonathan Stewart and Jon Gray to round out the horn section. Next up was JJ Grey from Mofro fame. For those in attendance on Friday, his guest spot was a repeat, however for those of us jumping on board Saturday it was a nice highlight to the evening. JJ added tasteful vocals to the William Bell tune “Born Under a Bad Sign” and a nice run at Al Green’s “Love and Happiness.”

The whole evening proved to be a delight. In fact a choice that would hold up well against others like Phil and Phriends, Juno What? and Otis Taylor. The closing of the night truly held the magic. Extended members of the Royal Family, Dumpstaphunk’s Nikki Giuseppe, Ian and Ivan Neville were in the house enjoying the show. When the band realized they were there they certainly had to join. I have always enjoyed seeing Soulive go at Stevie Wonder’s “Jesus Children of America.” As a fan of Soulive, Dumpstaphunk and Stevie Wonder, this was truly a treat!

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