Euforquestra: Let Us In

Words By Nicholas Stock

Dance powerhouse Euforquestra is at it again with their first live release entitled Let Us In. Comprised of recordings taken from their former home in Iowa City and Fort Collins where the band currently resides. The album consists of tracks handpicked by the members of the band. Let Us In is a great example of what I’ve come to expect seeing Euforquestra live, with songs that span the entirety of their catalog. It also contains some amazing covers thrown in for good measure. Opening with their now classic instrumental “Medicine Bow Run”, originally off their first album The Adventures Of Glen Devey, it is a spacey rendition bouncing between psychedelic funk and hard hitting breaks for the full twelve minute take. Without missing a beat the band seamlessly segues into a breezy version of The Beatles “She Came In Through The Bathroom Window” that sees some smooth guitar work form Mike Tallman while bassist Ben Soltau holds it all down.

They bring out the reggae funk with what has become one of their go to tune, “Cause A Reaction,” off their previous studio release, Soup. Featuring some severe vocal free styling from Matt Grundstad this version is impeccable, before they break it down with some of their Afro-Cuban roots on “Ochun.” Austin Zalatel and Ryan Jeter’s horns, which are truly a hallmark of Euforquestra’s sound, soar throughout the album beautifully. And then boom goes "The Events of December 11th," which details an ice storm in Iowa City.

Next up was Luta, Dança, Libertação, which is a drumming jam that shows off Adam Grasso leading the entire band on various percussion instruments. It is the first of two unreleased tracks on the album. Another stellar segue finds the title track from Soup on the other end. A ripping version of "Free" pushes the energy level into the stratosphere, but they weren’t done yet. Euforquestra finishes up Let Us In with another unreleased cut, “Instant Coffee,” and like its name suggests it is a musical shot of espresso. The entire listening experience is tight, funky, and perfectly in control, much like seeing Euforquestra live. Let Us In is a powerful example of what a live album should be. So often live albums are a rehashing of studio releases in a rumbling setting. Let Us In does everything it’s supposed to do and is a great introduction to this extraordinary band.

A Free Limited Download is Available at,

You can also stream the entire album on Spotify now.

Album Release and Initial Summer Tour Dates

3.30 Aggie Theatre | Fort Collins, CO

4.04 Waiting Room | Omaha, NE

4.05 The Cabooze | Minneapolis, MN
4.06 People's | Des Moines, IA

4.07 Gabe's | Iowa City, IA
4.08 Redstone Room | Davenport, IA
4.11 Beachland Tavern | Cleveland, OH
4.12 Ritz Theatre | Tiffin, OH

4.13 Reggies | Chicago, IL w/Chicago Afrobeat Project

4.14 Old Rock House | St. Louis, MO

4.15 The Hub | Cedar Falls, IA
5.04 Cervantes | Denver, CO  w/Juno what?! feat. Bernie Worrell 
5.05 Fox Theatre | Boulder, CO w/Juno What?!
6.01 Flagstaff Brewery | Flagstaff, AZ
6.02 Dolores River Festival | Durango, CO
6.22 Love Your Mother Earth Festival | Missoula, MT
6.23 Donkey Creek Jazz Festival | Gillette, WY
7.13-14 Camp Euforia | Lone Tree, IA (3 Sets)
8.24 Camp Barefoot Music Festival | Bartow, WV
9.15 Lake City Uncorked Wine and Music Festival | Lake City, CO


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