Galactic, ALO & DJ Logic 3.16.12

The Ogden Theatre
Denver, CO

Words & Photos By J-man

The stage was set for a celebration of music from a fantastic mix of talent! Two nights of Galactic at The Ogden Theatre would welcome a solid turn out boasting a wide variety of people! Old, young, white, black; it didn't matter, Galactic was in town.

DJ Logic:

I rotated around Logic from the floor as the venue filled in and people danced their Friday night away. His first set was fairly club-oriented and did little to interest or entice my musical palate. His second set however, as a tweener transitioning from ALO to Galactic was fantastic. Logic dug deep into his side bag of records to pull out some old school jazz, funk and soul. I found myself heavily entertained as I danced in the distance.

Animal Liberation Orchestra:

That night would mark my first time seeing ALO. From what I had heard prior, they seemed to blend alt rock with a little bit of fusion. What ALO brought that night was a straight pop-rock style set that dug deep into some intense shredding and jamtronica stylings. The band impressed with near perfect musical notation and though ALO is not a band that I had sought out prior, I found myself captivated, dancing and smiling. By the accounts of the ALO fans around me, that set was not typical of the band. They too noticed that ALO was progressing. I look forward to catching them again soon.


Galactic hit the stage to close the evening with some NOLA-style funk! They wasted no time in throwing down as their horns ripped through the material. Stanton Moore led the charge from the back of the stage, often leaping out of his seat to nail some huge chops! That evening the band was joined by Corey Glover (Living Colour) on vocals to further elevate the night!

Galactic is a powerhouse, built to last though a solid fanbase and constant energy. The incorporation of funk, hip-hop, soul and electronic samples make for a unique musical melting pot of sorts and have elevated Galactic to soaring heights. The first night was indeed a celebration, but I had a feeling that the following day, St. Patrick's Day, may even be a little a crazier.

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