Head For The Hills & Henhouse Prowlers 2.25.12

Aggie Theatre
Fort Collins, CO

Words & Photos By Nicholas Stock

We headed down to the Aggie to celebrate Amy’s birthday with The Henhouse Prowlers and hometown heroes Head For The Hills. The Prowlers had new members Dan Andree on fiddle and Starr Moss on guitar, which I felt was a marked improvement from when I saw them last time in December. As part of a 22-day tour of Colorado and the West Coast they took the opening slot for H4TH. This is a great match up and a way for the Prowlers to be exposed to an entirely new audience. They took the stage sharply at 9 PM. They have a unique style that combines a traditional sound with very modern lyrics and their show on Saturday was no exception. Songs like "Syracuse" about a couple of Dead Heads who are neglectful parents and a cover from the Stanley Brothers got the audience pumped. They began to an almost empty room and finished with a packed audience screaming loudly. They had a great set and once again impressed me with their picking style.

Head For The Hills continues to be a bluegrass powerhouse on the Front Range and beyond. Finishing up their 20 date run of the Midwest and the South with a return to the land of their origin, they came out sounding as good as I’ve ever heard them sound. Their four-piece lineup follows the well-worn path bands like Yonder Mountain String Band, but H4TH differentiates themselves by being truly authentic in their songwriting and their musicianship. They got the night going strong with a great version of "Nellie Kane" in the first set that steamrolled them through the rest of the show. I’m so overwhelmed every time I catch them live. They are proof that bluegrass is alive and well and there are still bands out there that can make an impact. With a slot at Telluride this year, they continue to accomplish great things. They are magical and I would highly recommend that you see Head For The Hills when they come to your town.

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