Joey Porter Trio 3.7.12

Highland Tap & Burger
Denver, CO

Words By J-man
Photos By Carly Marthis

Last Wednesday's Joey Porter Trio show at The Highland Tap offered a change of pace for the typical Garrett Sayers Trio crowd. Along side Joey for the evening was Paul McDaniel (Bass) and Daren Hahn (Drums). The evening began around 9:30 and with a funky, somewhat jazzy sound. Slowly The Highland Tap filled in with folks looking to enjoy the free music and mellow vibes. Joey's fingers tickled the keys to the delight of those in attendance. He flew through funky chops and scales, making it look easy, though the music was clearly complex.

Paul's bass playing accompanied Joey well and when needed, Paul took over with some impressive solo work. Rounding out the rhythm section, Daren brought tasteful chops with precision and space. Daren was pretty in the pocket as his body shifted around to connect with some fantastic fills. The material reflected several Joey Porter/Organomics tunes as well as some instrumental covers. The two hour single set delighted those in attendance and created a great vibe for the evening.

Join us tonight (Wednesday March 14, 2012) for the return of The Garrett Sayers Trio. Join us next week (Wednesday March 21, 2012) for Textiles feat. Pete Wall! Wednesday March 28th & Wednesday April 4th will welcome back The Joey Porter Trio! Stay tuned for upcoming Wednesday Free Music Showcase announcements!

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