Steve Kimock & Friends 3.2.12 (Night One)

Quixote's True Blue
Denver, CO

Words By J-man
Photos By Carly Marthis & J-man
Audio Recording By Corey Sandoval (
Kind Recordings)

Guitar legend Steve Kimock returned to Quixote's True Blue for two nights of magic in what would be a couple of the most exciting Kimock & Friends shows in some time. Leading up to the run I was contacted by Jay Bianchi (Owner of Quixote's) and Jen Kimock (Steve's wife and manager) in regards to doing a hotel interview with Steve. After limited consideration and the addition of Bernie Worrell to the mix, the deal was sealed. On the night of Thursday March first, we headed down to The Hotel Monaco in Downtown Denver and headed up seven floors to the room of Steve Kimock. Steve answered the door with a smile as we made our way in. A quick call to Bernie's room and the setting up of our gear meant that we were good to go. With that, we began what ultimately became one of MusicMarauders best interviews! I left The Monaco buzzing. Did Steve Kimock and Bernie Worrell just perform for Carly and I in their hotel room, or was it a dream?

Friday March second brought excitement and anticipation to Denver as the buzz about the event had spread far and wide. Around 4:20 pm, Quixote's came alive. Through the green room enterance came Steve Kimock (Guitar), Bernie Worrell (Keys), Andy Hess (Bass) and Wally Ingram (Drums) to set up their gear, sound check and rehearse. I was joined by my good friends Murray and Doug for what became a private show/rehearsal. Right off of the bat, I noticed Kimock smiling as he watch and listened to Bernie. Bernie also seemed to challenge Steve and I could see him processing as he played. It was also very noticeable how well Andy and Wally fit as the rhythm section in Kimock's project. My anticipation grew as the evening's show approached.

Steve Kimock Live at Quixote's True Blue on March 2, 2012.

Set One: Cole's Law, Tangled Hangers, Baby Baby, Thing One, Many Rivers to Cross, Inner City Blues*

Set Two: Untitled New Song#1, Long Form IV, Untitled New Song#2, Rock Steady*, Take Me to the River*, Red Hot Mama^

*Kim Dawson on vocals
^Bernie Worrell on vocals

Friday's show drew a packed crowd at Quixote's. The energy was extremely high as familiar faces mingled on the dance floor. The set began around 10:15 with a ambient "Cole's Law." The ever-so-spacey "Tangled Hangers" followed and maintained the building of tension before the release that was "Baby Baby," spotlighting Kimock's signature and progressive noodling. The addition of Bernie's sounds and melodies created a spacey circus vibe. Interestingly, the instrument that prevoked the biggest reaction was a tiny key board/synth that Bernie had set up near the front of the stage. The twenty one minute "Thing One" continued with the upward progression and nasty tones criss-crossed with deep instrumentation for what was one of the high points of the first set.

"Many Rivers To Cross" closed the first set and brought an incredible amount of soul to the stage as Andy dug deep on the bass. Though Andy didn't solo or blow minds, along side Wally Ingram, he appropriately held the compositions together for Steve and Bernie to battle. "Inner City Blues" welcomed Kim Dawson (Motet) to the stage to contribute some strong vocals and to change the mood. People seemed extremely receptive to Kim, the band included. She was a great addition to the music and I hoped that she would return for the second set.

Backstage the band was buzzing with excitement. You could see the massive outpouring of respect and appreciation for Bernie as everyone went out of their way to share a moment with him. Drinks were poured as the delightful smell of Colorado medicine occupied the stagnant air.

The second set began about thirty to forty five minutes after the previous set ended, with a new untitled track. Bernie wailed on his little synth and the crowd went nuts. "Long Form IV" followed with some dirty and funky Kimock tones. I really enjoyed the musical relationship between Kimock and Andy Hess, as Andy stepped up right behind Steve to support his shredding. The second new untitled track of the evening came next, bringing some slower yet sweet tones to the table. Wally could be heard from the back of the stage tearing through the songs with fluid consistency, perfect for Kimock arrangements.

"Rock Steady" featured a danceable swagger and the vocals of Kim Dawson once again. The combination of Bernie's clavinet sounding strikes and Steve's guitar chops made for a funky groove. Then Kimock took over, screaming on the guitar, before Bernie stepped up to the plate. Minds were melted by the combination of the two powerful solos back to back. Somewhere in the distance I heard a baby cry. "Take Me to The River," a song that Bernie had performed many times with the Talking Heads, came next with Kim leading the charge. It was a cool musical moment and it was clear that many of the folks present realized that.

The evening closed with the Bernie Worrell original, "Red Hot Mama," which has become a funk traditional/classic. The jam was raging and left the fans absolutely wanting more. Kimock shredded, Bernie wailed and the evening wound down. I was overwhelmingly pleased with what we witnessed. It was some of the best Kimock output that I had heard he years. Steve seemed energized/excited and the current incarnation of his "band" blew me away. I looked forward to night two of the Denver run!

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