Steve Kimock & Friends 3.3.12 (Night Two)

Quixote's True Blue
Denver, CO

Words By J-man
Photos By Carly Marthis & J-man
Audio Recording By Corey Sandoval (
Kind Recordings)

Much like Night One, Night Two brought an excessive amount of energy to Quixote's with Steve Kimock, Bernie Worrell, Andy Hess and Wally Ingram arriving just minutes before taking the stage. The group of mixed talent dove right in with "Five B4 Funk," wasting no time on build up. The opening jam set the pace for the evening, with excited Kimock fans clutching the stage. Bernie ripped into the keys, chopping away with fury and a crazed smile. The planets aligned, the galaxy opened up and in we went for some spacey noodlage.

Steve Kimock Live at Quixote's True Blue on March 3, 2012.

Set One: Five B4 fUNK, Nana's Chalk Pipe, JAM > It's Up To You, Baby I Love You*, Turn On Your Lovelight*

Set Two: Stella Blue, Ice Cream, Tastes Like Chicken%, You're The One$, Use Me Up*, Super Stupid^

Encore: Rock Steady*

* Kim Dawson on vocals
^ Bernie Worrell on vocals
% new song
$ Pusherman Jam

"Nana's Chalk Pipe" conjured up sweet tones and ample space within the notation and compositions for the mind to wander. About half way through the song, Bernie reached for his nasty little synthesizer. Quixote's went wild! Kimock had a huge smile on his face and Bernie passed the musical baton. An ambient jam lead into "It's Up To You." The music crawled along as the crowd got chatty, then picked back up with the enterance of Kim Dawson for "Baby I love You." Kim belted as the crowd danced & whistled. The first set came to a close with "Lovelight," sending the crowd into a frenzy. Hippies danced, sang, clapped and celebrated life as Kim nailed the vocals. Once again, Bernie took over lighting up Quixote's. The crowd was grateful.

The band headed backstage with smiles and clear excitement on their faces. I sat down on the back steps where I was joined by Bernie and Andy...

"I've seen you several times, from Gov't Mule to the Will Bernard Band... I enjoy you the most with a..." I said to Andy with Bernie interjecting.

"Free..." Bernie said as he laughed. "Free, free, free..."

"Exactly. Free. I think you sound best in a free environment." I said to Andy, as he smiled and graciously thanked me.

Kimock & Friends took the stage for what would be the final set of their two night run and fittingly began with "Stella Blue." Kimock's incredibly beautiful guitar work was showcased for the adoring crowd, bringing one of the high points of the weekend. He slid through the vocal melodies with ease and clear emotion. It's moments like that where Kimock will remind you why it is he is so respected on our scene. A twenty minute "Ice Cream" came next with bright instrumentation and some of the nastiest tones of the weekend. Bernie smiled and assaulted the tiny synth with bending notation and Bernie melodies. At one point he teased "London Bridge." Folks began to clutch the stage as comfort turned to fear.

"Tastes Like Chicken" triggered the tiny synth once again. Kimock smiled as he watched Bernie. "You're The One" came with a danceable backbeat from Wally. The band seemed to be having a blast, dancing as they dug into the tracks. "Use Me Up" marked the return of Kim to the stage and "Super Stupid" closed the second set. The band returned to the stage for "Rock Steady," which seemed an odd fit to close the evening, being that it was the weekend's only repeat.

What a powerful two days of material from some of our scenes most coveted musicians. It was the most energizing, exciting and impressive material that I've seen from Kimock and I look forward to the announcement of his upcoming dates. I am told by Kimock's management that this tour will be one of Kimock's most extensive in some time!

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