Textiles: Live at The Chopshop

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Live Studio Sessions
Denver, Co

Words By J-man

Live at The Chopshop begins with an eerie beat that creeps in from D-Minus through a spacey composition. Subtly, Pete Wall enters on the Saxophone with reserved candor. Slowly in comes Doug Tapia on the keys and Textiles is in full effect with "Aesthetic Hypnosis." The mood of the music is relaxed and somewhat menacing as chill rhythms overlap in a melting of groove. Though the instrumentation is neither heavy nor overwhelming, it evokes a plethora of emotion and edginess. The first track melts into the second titled, "Feather 26." The songs are less of an individual work and more a part of a bigger picture. The groove picks up as ambient tones fill the listener's ear. The sweet sounds of Pete's flute with heavy echo mixed with the chimes of a xylophone take the listener to a dream-like place. The track rides out on vintage sounding beats before transitioning into "Transmission 219121."

The beats remain as the melodic groove changes and Pete returns with his sax to lay down an additional layer. The beats become more loose as the sax becomes modal and soars through scale like progressions, climbing only to drop into a funky riff and a popping beat. The session is turned up a single digit with "Transmission 219122." Funky yet simple low end bass from D-minus takes the music in a more mainstream jam direction with Pete soaring into some ripping sax.

"Collusus Babble" follows with D-minus utilizing his giant, customized, electronic space panel, "Collusus" for the track. A short couple of minutes later, the session takes a turn towards "Bistro Outro," a short composition that utilizes vocal samples that fade to nothing with "Grapplejack." D-minus' bass returns with one of the overlapping percussive themes of the session and is joined by Pete wailing on the sax and Doug striking some bright chords on the keys. "Fruition" follows with a slow and simple build that expands with flute, xylophone and keys. The bongo samples add a roots feel to the electronic mix as the composition drops back into electronic beats that conclude with Pete on the flute.

"Transmission 219123" is a continuation of the previous musical concept. The composition opens with tasteful clap track combined with bells and spacey fills. "Burning Couches (Redux)" brings the return of Pete's menacing tones, laden in effects and leading the charge. The end of the arrangement brings intense tonal experimentation and a speeding up of the tempo. The closing track "Bistro (Reprise)" combines Pete's airy sax with vocal samples from Moby's "Natural Blues."

All in all the album is the perfect down-tempo night cap for a late-night early morning session. There are limited moments of impressive instrumentation, but what it lacked in musical complexity, the session made up in ambiance and emotional feel. The tracks evoked ranging emotion through the utilization, command and understanding of improvisation and musical direction. If you dig jazz, electronica, down-tempo music, check out Live at The Chopshop for free and stay tuned for the next installment of Textiles Live Studio Sessions.




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