Zach Deputy 3.15.12

Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom
Denver, CO

Words By J-man
Photos By J-man & Carly Marthis
Video By Carly Marthis

The festival scene's golden boy, Zach Deputy, returned to Denver for an odd opening set slot at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom. Prior to the show we met with Zach in his greenroom for an interview/unplugged session.

Following the session I introduced Zach to Pete Wall (Textiles, Game 7) who would be sitting in on Zach's set. Shortly after the 9:00 hour, Zach took the stage to a moderate crowd. The set began with looping perfection. The production of what was coming off of the stage was fantastic. Not only was the quality great, but the fullness of what the crowd was hearing pleased them to no end. Cervantes quickly filled in with young folks dancing their asses off!

About half way through the set Pete was called to the stage to sit in on one song, however, deep down, I knew it would be more. The jam eased in with Zach laying down the layers. Then slowly, Pete came in with some tasty sax licks before dropping soprano bombs all over the adoring fans. Zach looked on smiling as if caught off guard by Pete's abilities. At the end of the song, Pete did these nasty sax screams that created an old school breakbeat vibe.

Of course, Pete remained for a second song, this time reaching for the flute as his weapon of choice. The jam began light but progressed quickly, with the highlight being a back and forth section between the duo, with Pete then utilizing the sax once again. The Denver crowd loved it and Pete smiled as he exited the stage. He came off buzzing as Zach continued with his set, eventually winding down around 11:00pm.

Through funky guitar playing, phat bass lines, beatbox and flawless vocals, Zach Deputy has created a name for himself as a one man powerhouse. There are other loopers on the scene, but none who are as tight, precise, well-rounded and entertaining as Zach Deputy.

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