Conspirator 4.15.12

Appalachian Brewing Company
Harrisburg, PA

Words & Photos by Jon Irvin

Super-groups and side projects are the reason why I love the 'jam scene'. Usually this is where you find your favorite musicians truly having fun and exploring their mastery. Conspirator is one of latest bands that sports a star studded lineup consisting of founding members Marc Brownstein (bass) and Aron Magner (keyboard) both of the Disco Biscuits joined by Chris Michetti (guitar) from RAQ and their latest drummer KJ Sawaka of Pendulum. The newest edition of Conspirator brought the jams to Appalachian Brewing Company this past Sunday and I couldn't miss the chance to enjoy both great beers and bass bombs from Brownie.

The set opened with a newer Disco Biscuit song "Uber Glue" that was explored to the nth degree and set the tone for a night of dubstep-house jamming. From here on out the audience was caught in a web like funnel that had their mind shifted every which way as the band took them on a musical ride. The run of songs consisted of newer Conspirator material including "Hands Up" a song that blends the electronic keys from Magner with a Dr. Dre-esque bass line exploited by Brownie that had kept heads bouncing, as well as Disco Biscuits favorites including "Tamarin Alley" that gave the feel of familiarity to Bisco fans.

As all four took turns displaying their talents, you could see in the interaction between them that they were having a blast. The show ended with a vocal-less version of "Neck Romancer" driven by Magner into a remix of Porter Robinson's "Say My Name" that left the crowd wobbling to the exits even after the music had stopped. They say time goes by when your having fun, which definitely held true to for this action packed, yet seemingly short set. Conspirator plays with such high intensity its near impossible to have a down time during their show. I'm looking forward to checking out their progression this summer and hopefully hearing more of the newer material played live. Check them out as they continue their east coast tour as well as stops this summer at the All Good Music Festival and Gathering of the Vibes!

Setlist: Uber Glue, Hoodwinker > Countach, Hands Up, Loco Street Devil > Tamarin Alley, Retrograde > Last Man Standing, Flash Mob, Gone Gone Gone, Neck Romancer > Say My Name


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