Joey Porter Trio 3.28.12

The Highland Tap & Burger
Denver, CO

Words By J-man

Tucked into the heart of the most thriving jam scene in the country, The Highland Tap & Burger, in Denver's Lower Highlands, has been a hot spot for live music. Musicians, promoters, publicists, journalists, photographers, videographers, tapers and fans converge on the Tap every Wednesday for the HTB Free Music Showcases. You read correctly, "Free!" Last Wednesday reflected the growing potential of the Tap, as The Joey Porter Trio was joined by members of The Motet following Kim Dawson's evening at Dazzle. As if the trio wasn't enough, one by one, familiar faces came through the door, some with instruments in hand.

Smiling faces, hugging hippies and dancing feet packed into the Tap as Joey's Trio, including Paul McDaniel on bass and Daren Hahn on drums, created a fantastic vibe. Funky, soulful instrumentation tickled the ear drums and triggered the moving of tables to expand on dancing zone. To delight of all in attendance, The Joey Porter Trio was joined initially by Gabe Mervine (The Motet) on trumpet. The addition created a fantastic vibe and elevated the funk. That occasion would mark the first brass at the Tap. As the trio played on, Dan Shwindt came through the door behind the band with his guitar and amp in hand. Just like that, it was on!

The combination of The Trio with Dan and Gabe, threw the Tap into a frenzy. The jams were extremely impressive and the chemistry between all involved was clear as day. The waitresses ducked in and out of the crowd, dancing, delivering drinks and smiling as folks continued to turn out. Last Wednesday was by far one of the most enjoyable nights at The Highland Tap. The evening reflected an unpredictable aspect of the Wednesday Showcases. Folks left the Tap the evening satisfied! As it cleared out the last few folks remaining conversed with the band, had a smoke outside and ate up the energy that remained. Luke Miller (Lotus) was seen smiling and conversing with Paul Brown (Highland tap, LOHI Festival) as the evening concluded.

Tonight (Wednesday April 4th) we anticipate the energy to be just as high! Join us this and every Wednesday at The Highland Tap for free music, great people & fantastic vibes! Tonight will feature The Joey Porter Trio once again, before the return of The Garrett Sayers Trio next Wednesday!


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