Say Cheese: Oregon 1999 (Abbey Road Show)

Oregon Convention Center
Portland, OR

Words By J-man

1999 was a huge year for The String Cheese Incident and this pick from December 31st is the culmination of that amazing year. With so many fantastic shows from 1999, the choice was difficult. But this show from The Oregon Convention Center stood out as special. Beyond the clear quality, the consistent energy and handful of guests, there was something else. How about side two of The Beatles' 1969 "Abbey Road?"

String Cheese Incident Live at Oregon Convention Center on December 31, 1999.

Set One: Search, Born on the Wrong Planet¹ > How Mountain Girls Can Love, Latinismo, Jellyfish > Rollover

Set Two: Ritual Jam & Lester's Poem² > Auld Lang Syne² > One Love², Round the Wheel, Rhythm of the Road, Good Times Around the Bend, Smile, Bigger Isn't Better¹ > Land's End Reprise > Sun King > Mean Mr. Mustard > Polythene Pam > She Came in Through the Bathroom Window > Golden Slumbers > Carry That Weight > The End

Encore: Breathe³, Lonesome Road Blues²

Entire show with Jamie Janover on percussion.
¹ with Liza Oxnard.
² with The Zen Tricksters.
³ with Keller Williams.

The show has the feel of a new years show from the get go. Jamie Jannover joined SCI for the entirety of the show, with other guests like Liza Oxnard and the Zen Tricksters joining in on the action for the second set and Keller Williams stepping out for the encore. The show is epic in almost all regards. The jams explore each song, paying it the proper musical nod before moving on to conquer the next.

Enjoy this classic show from String Cheese History!


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