Shpongle (Simon Posford) "Masquerade" 4.7.12

The Ogden Theatre
Denver, CO

Words & Photos By J-man

"Shpongle." This one word raises so much possibility and potential. Whether in full band form, or Simon Posford doing a DJ set, the background, the sound and the intention remain the same. The unification of the world's music converges at the center of the universe for a dance party that explores what the universe has to offer musically and tests the sensory receptors of your mind. Following last year's "Shpongletron," the bar was set high for expectations of Simon's project. Rumors began to circulate about a "Masquerade" of sorts. With the announcement of the American tour, the stage was set.

The evening began with PhuturePrimitive and a low turn out. The opening set was not bad, but hailed in comparison to what was to come. Projections crawled all over the DJ and the large cloth background that was hiding the newest Shpongle experience. Upon the completion of the opening set, The Ogden began to fill in and the anticipation rose. Finally the moment came when the curtain dropped, unavailing Simon's newest masterpiece.

As it illuminated, it was clear that he had indeed outdone himself. Vibrant colors collided with brilliant imagery for the accompanying projections on the huge circular temple that housed Posford. Coupled with the purest of world electronic music, the experience was other-worldly. Simon tickled the senses of all in attendance, both visually and auditory. What draws many to Simon/Shpongle is the conscious and seemingly endless utilization of music for all cultures and backgrounds. Ouds crossed with sanxians, jinghus and sitars created a tasteful beat and seamless transitions that fueled the experience.

Simon Posford's "Masquerade" is one of the most stimulating and satisfying musical and visual experiences touring today. The level of energy, production and variety seemed endless. To miss this touring Goliath would be to do yourself a disservice. Kudos to Simon and to his continuing creations.

"If Shpongle builds it... They will come."

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  1. This is an amazing set up! Simon and this new shpongletron are ridiculous!!!! check out the magic behind the magician...


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