This Must Be The Band 4.6.12

Hodi’s Half Note
Fort Collins, CO

Nicholas Stock (Summer Camp Counselor)

Talking Heads tribute group, This Must Be The Band made their way out to Colorado for a night of David Byrne inspired fun. Comprised of members of Chicago’s self-proclaimed “Strangefunk” band Savvy, Harmonation and Impossible Recording Machine; This Must Be The Band is a truly authentic interpretation. While at Summer Camp last year there was a buzz in the air about this group, so I was eager to check them out, not to mention I’m a big Talking Heads fan. Up first was Something Juicy, a local funk rock outfit. They are certainly adequate at what they do and even tossed the audience a curve ball with a quick but fun version of Ray Parker’s Ghostbusters. Their drummer Chuck Maxwell felt like the “Something Juicy” that was their namesake. He was in the pocket for their entire set and his flair put him in a league of his own.

The main event of This Must Be The Band took the stage and it was obvious from the beginning that they knew what they were doing. Lead singer and guitarist, Charlie Otto definitely had Byrne’s voice dialed in which would prove to be the most compelling facet of the show. He let the crowd know right away that they didn’t have a setlist and that they would be taking requests directly from the audience. A flurry of "Psycho Killers," "Cities" and "Life During Wartimes" spewed forth from the enthusiastic mob. They opened with a spot on "Cities" showing everyone in the room they came to play. The keys of Jim Dinou had a distinctly 80’s twang adding another layer of legitimacy. Additional first set highlights included "Slippery People," "Take Me To The River," "Girlfriend Is Better" and a huge "Psycho Killer." The show ended up selling out and the audience seemed to be electrically charged.

After a quick setbreak This Must Be The Band took the stage again. By this time the kids were in a frenzy. Amy had been waiting for "Crosseyed and Painless" all night, so when I was up for a few more photos I took the time to put in her request. The second set read like a breakdown of the Talking Heads Greatest Hits. Songs like "Life During Wartime," "This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)", "Burning Down The House" all blasted from the PA. Finally late in the second set Amy got her Crosseyed, and it absolutely was the peak of the entire show. They nailed it. They encored with a nice "Stay Up Late." If you are looking to get a Talking Heads fix while David Byrne tours South America, This Must Be The Band is your best bet. They deliver what they advertise and have a powerful asset in the voice and chops of Charlie Otto. They are definitely a fun night out.

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