The Everyone Orchestra Turntable.FM Listening Party

Words By J-man

In this new age of internet technology a newer player has emerged on the music "sharing" scene. Turntable.FM allows users to enter a virtual room with other music fans to participate in, or to sit back and enjoy a massive variety of music. Five DJ spots become occupied by users who look to share music with others. DJ by DJ the top song on each of their playlist/cue is played for the room. The fans output an enjoyable mix of music leading up to the "party." In this case, the DJ stand was heavily moderated following the announced start as this experience was meant to be an album listening party, with members of the band sharing the album straight through.

Musicians such as band leader, Matt Butler & guitarist Al Schnier (moe.) were on hand to DJ and answer questions about the album. It was interesting to see the reaction of the fans to the material and the interaction with Al & Matt. At one point the room got "Rick Rolled" just prior to the enterance of Aron Magner to share in on the fun.

Experiences like Turntable.FM listening parties are an innovative and unique way to involve fans and to share your music for free without completely giving it away. Kudos to Matt Butler and The Everyone Orchestra team for a smooth music sharing experience!

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