Game 7 5.5.12

Quixote's True Blue
Denver, CO

Words, Photos & Video By Nicholas Stock
Audio By Corey Sandoval (
Kind Recordings)

Due to a freak hailstorm we were delayed in our arrival to Quixotes. Textiles featuring Pete Wall were just finishing up their set as we entered. I was a bit disappointed, but knowing I would be seeing them the next day at The Highland Tap I didn’t let it bother me too much. Yarn was playing on the patio, but I was there for one reason, Game 7. They took the stage just before midnight.

Game 7 Live at Quixote's True Blue on May 5, 2012.

SET I: Chicago> Denmark, Are You Gonna Go My Way, Teardrop> Multi Ball 1, I’m Awake

SET II: San Antonio, Neck Romancer, VU Mix> Da Funk, Anorexic Freaks, Mind Over Matter,

ENCORE: How At The Moon

The show began with Magner setting the mood on the synthesizer before Pujalet blasted off with his snap beat that would be his signature all night long. Kang began by getting spacey plinko on the kids in the front row before Wall came in on sax in way that said, “Celebrate good times.” It was obvious that the energy was high from the start and this “super” group was going to keep that vibe at the forefront of their performance. The first two songs alone stretched to almost a half hour and demonstrated the ability of these guys to feed off of each other’s musical strengths.

The crowd got a surprise with a raucous version of Lenny Kravitz’s “Are You Gonna Go My Way,” with Wall’s sax on vocals. The “Teardrop” into “Multi Ball 1” was another extended twenty-five minute jam that showed a different side to their playing. “Teardrop” especially was down tempo and snappy and I found myself getting sucked in by the lick heavy repetitions that eventually soared into the beyond. They ended the first set with an ethereal but graciously funky “I’m Awake.”

Continuing their light theme of songs based in locale they opened with “San Antonio.” Mager took the lead on the The Bisco tune “Neck Romancer,” before they got spicy with “VU Mix” into “Da Funk.” I found myself slightly confused during their rendition of Kinky’s “Anorexic Freaks,” but it was fun cover nonetheless. They ended the second set with Particle’s deeply grooving “Mind Over Matter.” Gould held it down tight as he did all night long. Gould is not a thumb thumper he’s a bus driver and I respect is finger plucking style. For some reason the organics in this band outweigh the electronic.

Sure they have a distinctly synth-fueld edge to their sound, but when they are up there playing, the raw talent in this group is not to be overlooked. The two times I’ve seen them they’ve jammed triumphantly. Game 7 encored with “Howl At The Moon,” which was not my first choice for song selection, but Wall’s saxophone overpowered all. In general it was a great show that went well past 2:00 AM and turned a whole new flock of fans onto the this nascent powerhouse called Game 7. Next time they come to town, and they will, go see them.

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