Garrett Sayers Trio 5.23.12

Highland Tap & Burger
Denver, CO

Words By J-man
Photos By Carly Marthis

Some things in Colorado are unpredictable, such as the weather. One thing that locals can not only predict, but count on is that on Wednesdays The Garrett Sayers Trio will be playing at The Highland Tap & Burger! As hail fell from the sky and lightning struck, a small group of people sought refuge inside the Tap as GST began. Through extremely tasteful instrumental hip-hop covers and originals, GST explored the space of the compositions. The combination of Garrett's deep and detailed low end coupled with Jonny Jyemo's deep pocket and Patrick Lee's tonal range and approach made for a fantastic experience.

As the evening progressed, so to did the turnout. Around the middle of the two hour set, The Tap was packed with dancing, smiling, excited faces! The Trio seemed to be having a blast, outputting bright compositions to the adoring crowd. As the set wrapped up, folks would not allow the music to stop. Loud cheering resulted in a huge encore. Once again coming to a close, Human Agency drummer and Tap frequenter, Jonas Otto stepped up to amp up the crowd. For the first time in GST history, the band took a double encore finishing with Jonas' favorite, "Go Hard!" What began as a mellow evening, turned into one of the most raging nights yet at The Tap.

See you next Wednesday for Jonny Jyemo's Rumbatea! GST returns on June 6th!


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