Roadhouse Rebels feat. Krieger, Molitz & Robinson 5.27.12

The Oriental Theater
Denver, CO

Words By J-man
Photos By Carly Marthis & J-man
Audio By Corey Sandoval (
Kind Recordings)

What happens when you mix a random group of musicians from a wide range of backgrounds? One part The Doors in Robbie Krieger (guitar, vocals), one part Black Crowes in Rich Robinson (guitar, vocals), one part Particle in Steve Molitz (keys, vocals) and one part Oingo Boingo in John Avila (bass). Add Joe Magistro (drums) to the mix and you have the assembled supergroup, The Roadhouse Rebels! That night in Denver would mark the band's third time playing for people, only the second time publicly. Their debut came the night prior to the Denver show in Minneapolis at The Bella Fiore Music Festival. How would the band sound on only it's second performance and would anyone be present to hear it, as it was the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend?

Looking around the empty Oriental during soundcheck, I envisioned the potential of the evening's show following some solid song run-throughs. With a little bit of tightening up and a decent crowd, the songs would translate properly. Following the soundcheck, Robbie, Steve, Joe and the bands Lighting Director hopped into my car to head to The Highland Tap & Burger. Arriving at The Tap, the band was treated to fantastic accommodations. Following a meal and some quite entertaining conversation, we headed back to the venue to get the ball rolling on what would be an all around successful evening.

Robbie Krieger's Roadhouse Rebels Live at Oriental Theater on May 27, 2012.

Set: Gone Away, Station Man, Lost and Found, Riders On The Storm, Cerdes (Outside the Gates Of), Little Red Rooster, Laila II, People Are Strange, Look Through My Window, Crossroads, Bye Bye Baby, Back Door Man, L.A. Woman

Encore: Cinnamon Girl, Roadhouse Blues

The turnout was great with The Oriental at its peak reflecting a half to three quarter full venue. Not bad for a newer project with limited name recognition. "The Usual Suspects" where in attendance. Don Callarman and Lauri Keener painted while Corey Sandoval put his mics in the air and was treated to a focused, non-chatty crowd recording. Jay Bianchi took his place at the front of the venue, being approached by countless appreciative individuals. The crowd that evening was on the older side with many Doors fans turning out to see one of their idols. Also present was a plethora of Rich Robinson Band fans, cheering as the band dipped into Rich's catalog.

Through Doors songs, Rich Robinson originals and blues numbers, the band put on an energetic display of talent. The lead guitar work between Robbie and Rich was reminiscent of some of the Allman Brothers work and the rhythm section of Joe and John made way for Steve to chop and tear away at some elevated soloing. For a project in it's infancy, The Roadhouse Rebels displayed both the chemistry and ability of seasoned professionals. Surely this is just the beginning of The Roadhouse Rebels, as it would be a shame not to explore the project's clear potential. Check out the above recording and stay tuned for future announcements!

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