Say Cheese: Horning's 2007

Horning's Hideout
North Plains, OR

Words By J-man

For String Cheese Incident fans, there is no more a special place than Horning's Hideout! Located just thirty five miles west of Portland, HH combines the majestic appeal of a forest escape with a party unlike any other SCI gathering! 2007 was one of the last HUGE year's for SCI and what better way to celebrate that year than with Cheese's three night Horning's run? Through three adventurous nights the band explored their catalog and dug deep into live compositions to thrill, amaze and delight their core fan base!

Night One:

String Cheese Incident Live at Horning's Hideout on July 27, 2007.

Set One: Rhum 'n' Zouc > Water, Look at Where We Are > Latinissmo, Big Shoes, Miss Brown's Teahouse, Betray the Dark > Dirk

Set Two: Sirens > Sand Dollar, Love Is Like A Train, Boo Boo's Picnic, Rivertrance > Pack it Up > Rivertrance, Ring of Fire, Got What He Wanted > Just One Story

Encore: Under African Skies > Sittin' On Top Of The World

Night Two:

String Cheese Incident Live at Horning's Hideout on July 28, 2007.

Set One: Down a River, Catfish John, Temperance Reel, Until The Music's Over, When I Paint My Masterpiece, Metered Man, Texas Town, Tamba, Windy Mountain, Could You Be Loved

Set Two: Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues, Indian Creek, Solution, Lester Had a Coconut, Can't Stop Now, Eye Know Why > Jam, Hotel Window, Ramble On

Set Three (Parade Set): Peak Experience Jam > Texas > Bumpin' Reel, Piece Of Mine > Round The Wheel > Drums > Round The Wheel

Encore: Best Feeling

Night Three:

String Cheese Incident Live at Horning's Hideout on July 29, 2007.

Set One: Banter/Crowd, One Step Closer, 100 Year Flood > Search, Stingray, Hey Pocky Way(1), Joyful Sound > Rain, On The Road(2)

Set 2: Drums > Bam! > This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody) > Black and White > Black Clouds(2), Billy Speech, Farther > Rollover > Texas

Encore: Will It Go Round in Circles(2,3) Way Back Home

Guests: 1 = W/ Dan Lebowitz, 2 = W/ Scott Law, 3 = w/ ALO



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