Say Cheese: Live at Greek 8.1.2001

Greek Theatre
Los Angeles, CA

Words By J-man

The influence of The Grateful Dead is apparent among so many bands on the scene, some more than others. The influence of The Dead on Cheese is overwhelmingly clear and on this night in 2001 at The Greek Theatre, SCI performed a show that would include a tribute to Jerry Garcia, as that night would have marked Jerry's 59th Birthday on this rotating rock. Throughout the show that band teases several songs from the Dead's catalogue, only to dive into "Eyes of The World" towards the end of the second set.

String Cheese Incident Live at Greek Theatre on August 1, 2001.

Set 1: Climb¹ > Jam > Lonesome Road Blues, Lost, The Road Home, MLT, Sweet Melinda² > Jam > Outside Inside

Set 2: Rollover, Rivertrance, Windy Mountain, Another Night, Sing a New Song > Jam > Eyes of the World > Psycho Killer/Hold Your Head Up verses > Shine

The show ventures through ups and down, creating tension and releasing with cheesy glory. The combination of SCI's old-school bluegrass sound with their ever- increasing jam vehicle made for some bright compositions and transitions. The first set was fantastic, but the second set would take the cake. Clear highlights included "Rollover," "Rivertrance," "Windy Mountain" and "Eyes of The World."

This show reflects the band crawling up to it's peak, giving it all that they've got on an Everest sized mountain that we now call the jam scene...


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