Say Cheese: New York City Cheese

Words By Nicholas Stock

When people talk about the heyday of String Cheese the 2000 to 2004 era immediately comes to mind. They were touring steady and playing all over the country. Jam music was still going strong and SCI had carved out a niche for themselves building a national fan base. Even with a succession of huge performances including the Keller Cheese Incident show at Bonnaroo, some concerts rise to the top. One such show was the July 20th performance at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. SCI has a ton of great New York performance but again this one really stands out.

String Cheese Incident Live at Radio City Music Hall on July 20, 2002.

Set 1: Round the Wheel, Lost > Jam > Dudley's Kitchen, Ten Miles to Tulsa, Turn This Around#, Freedom Jazz Dance¹, Restless Wind¹

Set 2: House of the Rising Sun Intro > Elvis' Wild Ride¹*, Sittin' on Top of the World¹*, Burning Down the House²**, It Is What It Is², Windy Mountain, Best Feeling > Jam > Emma's Dream, Miss Brown's Teahouse^

Encore: Way Back Home²

¹ with Tony Furtado on banjo

² with Aaron Johnston on percussion
# with Dear Prudence lyrics.

* acoustic
** with Keith and Kyle on keyboards (no bass).

^ with Swamp (Talking Heads) teases - First Time Played: Burning Down the House (Talking Heads cover)

This show has absolutely everything including some solid sit-ins from classic SCI contributors Tony Furtado and Aaron Johnston of CB3 and the Brazilian Girls. It also contains a first time played "Burning Down The House" as well as an acoustic version of "Turn This Around." They are firing on all cylinders and showing the world that String Cheese is a contender in the world of jam and bluegrass. This was just before the electronic element really seeped into their sound so it still has that really classic SCI sound. The segues are crispy and clean and show a band ready to rage at the drop of a foot pedal. Personally this is one of my favorite shows and it makes me happy to be able to share it with the readers of MusicMarauders. So, grab your headphones and have a listen to some New York City Cheese.


  1. just put it on archive and TTA sounds pretty electric to me. Type-o maybe?

    Love the work you guys do, not being a D*ck


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