Summer Camp: A Year in Review

Summer Camp Music Festival
Chillicothe, IL

Words By Nicholas Stock

Summer Camp… Where to start? When I think about Summer Camp it is like being wrapped in a warm blanket and whispered to from a caring mother. Unlike many people who leave the festival with fond memories and happy thoughts, I took Summer Camp with me for an entire year. Winning the first ever Summer Camp Counselor Contest in 2011 was the beginning of something new for me. I had been writing and taking photos for several years prior to entering the competition. However everything changed after I left Summer Camp. Suddenly doors opened and I was welcomed with open arms across the music scene. I had already been writing for MusicMarauders and Surrender To The Flow Magazine but suddenly people seemed open to my work and ready to embrace my coverage.

Let’s take a step back. After I covered Summer Camp with dozens of videos, thirty-eight pages of blog posts, and multiple interviews, I left feeling I had accomplished my goals. What I didn’t expect was the support I received when I got home. Holly and the rest of the team at the festival worked tirelessly to get me into so many shows after the fact, it really boggles the mind. I got to shoot photos at my home venue of Red Rocks for Umphrey’s McGee, Yonder Mountain String Band, and so much more. I was backstage for moe. at The Boulder Theater and covered literally countless concerts in between. I became a main contributor to MusicMarauders who also supported my endeavors in a big way.

Now I find myself at the precipice of Summer Camp 2012. Iy will be a sweet reunion. The newly crowned Camp Counselor, Maria Iriart has won the title, and after talking with her personally, I know she will do it up right. She is fan with amazing passion and she has all the tools necessary to simply knock it out of the park this year. I look forward to the new era that Maria will shepherd in.... which brings me to Summer Camp 2012.

So much is on the plate at Summer Camp this year it’s had to even fathom what the fans and musicians will experience. With a new layout and a new design the festival has truly evolved. Lineup-wise we are looking at one of the best years ever. I think that’s the point. I picture myself running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to see it all. Obviously I am stoked to see moe., Umphrey’s McGee, Cornmeal, Leftover Salmon and Jane’s Addicition. I am also very much looking forward to seeing some of the lesser-known acts like The Infamous Stingdusters, Ha Ha The Moose, The Lumineers, Banyan and more. Field Day is officially in the 2.0 era and will be a ton of fun. Beyond the music there is so much going on including the green initiatives and the workshops that I could go on and on about how stellar the experience will be, but I’d rather tell you about it after the fact. So stay tuned to the MusicMarauders and follow Summer Camp on Facebook and Twitter.

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