Garrett Sayers Trio 6.13.12

Highland Tap & Burger
Denver, CO

Words By J-man
Photos By Carly Marthis

Wednesday night featured The Garrett Sayers Trio at The Highland Tap's (free) Music Showcase, per usual! However, very little about this show was usual. The evening started off as it always does with the Tap filling in as the band took the "stage." The GST was oozing with energy as the intimate room packed in with dancing fans and patrons! They ventured through some immensely interesting material featuring each member of the band equally. Looking around the room members of Lotus and The String Cheese Incident could be seen enjoying the show. As the evening wound down, Highland Tap owner Juan Padro decided he didn't want the music to stop. Following one of their songs, I stepped up onto the "stage" and proposed that instead of ending, they take a set break and do an additional set. The guys were very receptive, as was the crowd and with that we found ourselves in the middle of the first set break at The Highland Tap in some time.

Jason Hann has been turning out with increasing frequency and I thought it a good idea to approach both Jason and Garrett about Jason possibly sitting in. It was brought up that Jonny's kit was a lefty and Jason was right, but ultimately decided that it would be fine. The start of the second set triggered the second influx of fans into the Tap that evening. After a couple of songs, Garrett called Jason up to sit in. He prefaced the sit-in by saying "Jason is not used to playing a left-handed kit, so give him a break," or something of the sort. It was interesting to hear Garrett pad the sit-in, but for those of you who know Garrett, he has a high expectation of those in his project. The sit-in was amazing with the crowd really getting into it! Jason destroyed the kit with an extremely full sound, never eluding to the fact that he was right-handed.

The Tap was buzzing as Jason exited the "stage" and Jonny returned for the remainder of the show. The turn out was fantastic all the way up until the last note! What could have been a single set evening at The Tap, turned into a special two set experience, further reflecting how big of music fans the owners of the Tap are. For those who have turned out weekly, you've seen the progression. For those of you just jumping in, good timing. For those of you reading this who have yet to make the trip to Denver's Lower Highlands on Wednesdays, let this be the kick in the ass that you needed. Join us this upcoming Wednesday for Garrett Sayers, Joey Porter & Jonny Jyemo!

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