Marco Benevento 8.2.12

Dazzle Restaurant & Lounge
Denver, CO

Words By J-man
Photos By Carly Marthis & J-man

Marco Benevento Live at Dazzle Restaurant and Lounge on August 2, 2012.

Early show: You Must Be a Lion, Two of You, Twin Killers(Deerhoof), Fireworks, Escape Horse, Atari, The Real Morning Party, Ruby, This is How it Goes

Late Show: Greenpoint, Record Book, Escape Horse, Golden(My Morning Jacket), It Came From You, I Feel in Love Today(Ween), Bus Ride, RISD, Limbs of a Pine

Encore: Fearless(Pink Floyd)>Benny and the Jets(Elton John)>Fearless(Pink Floyd)

Candles flickered in the dimly lit jazz club, as folks were seated for the second day's early show featuring the ever-so-talented Marco Benevento Trio. The mood was lite as the band took the stage, introduced by Dazzle music curator, Kevin Lee. Marco's fingers rolled across the keys with ease and precision as drummer Claude Coleman dug deep into the pocket. On the opposite end of the stage was Ween bassist, Dave Dreiwitz, who not only fit Marco's style perfectly, but also featured some unique "fuzz bass." With circuit bent madness colliding with tasteful grand piano, the showcase unfolded like a dream.

The short set teased at the familiar, such as a "Walk Like an Egytian" melody from Marco as well as the experimental, with the trio going wherever the music took them. The near sold out room appeared young, yet appreciative as Marco jokingly called out the youngest of fans for being on a mobile device during the show. Later on in the set, Marco would play one for the shy six year old. The Denver crowd laughed as Marco featured some of his characteristic banter.

Folks dined on some delicious and affordable options from the Dazzle kitchen throughout the show, creating an interesting dinner vibe as the band's chemistry captivated the room. Beautiful and brilliant compositions led by Marco, oozed from the stage, filling the club with textures, layers, colors and circuit-bent effects. Following the hour long performance, Marco stepped down from the stage to slang wax and tend to the needy fans, who for the most part opted to talk at Marco about themselves, rather than gain perspective about the man that they paid to see. Marco, used to the "enthusiasm" fielded the faces without issue, then palmed mine for good measure. We left knowing that there would be a quick turnover followed by an evening show, for which we were somewhat jealous of the incoming fans.

We appreciated the opportunity to see a group like the Marco Benevento Trio four times in two days. Thanks to Dazzle Jazz for making it possible!

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