magicgravy 9.9.12

Quixote's True Blue
Denver, CO

Words, Photos & Video By J-man
Audio By Ed Simon (
Kind Recordings)

Every band, regardless of it's size and/or popularity, has its fan base. It just so happens in magicgravy's case, their core group of fans is a group of gentleman whom I have a lot of respect for. The name magicgravy gets tossed around the Denver scene like an underground cult classic movie title, shared only between those with intimate knowledge of its existence. Comprised of Dan Lebowitz (Animal Liberation Orchestra), Garrett Sayers (Garrett Sayers Trio, The Motet, Kyle Hollingsworth Band) & Dave Watts (The Motet, Juno What), magicgravy is a music fans dream! The rarity of the project also helps to elevate the anticipation and demand, however on that Sunday, only the hardcore fans/insiders turned out to Quixote's to mark the occasion.

magicgravy Live at Quixotes True Blue on September 9, 2012.

Lebo's funk chops opened up the show with Colorado's most infamous rhythm section diving in behind him. The trio smiled as each measure unfolded with intention and a well-timed delivery. Lebo's utilization of the acoustic guitar reflected an incredible mastery and a fairly electric approach. Garrett watched Lebo intently, filling in the composition with massively tasteful bass bombs. Dave, normally reserved emotionally on stage, had a huge smile on his face as the trio explored the space in which they laid out. Together, MagicGravy reflected years of experience and delighted the super fans who turned out in limited numbers.

The two to three "song" set extended to an hour and fifteen minutes, reaching into some expansive space and exploration. A trio like MagicGravy is a pure powerhouse, but with Lebo living outside of Colorado, its existence is sparsely maintained. If Gravy were to record an album, book a run of dates and spread its touring wings, it would be quite the force to recon with. However, with a name that not many are familiar with, no promotion what-so-ever and it being a Sunday night, no more than fifteen to twenty people were present for what was incredible performance.

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