MM Presents: Zach Deputy Band & Skerik's Bandalabra 9.21.12

Cervantes Other Side
Denver, CO

Words By J-man
Photos By Carly Marthis

Hopes weren't set very high regarding turnout on a night that Furthur sold out Red Rocks. Though the hopes were definitely elevated for a fantastic evening of music from two staples of the live music/jam scene. As a few die-hard fans began to trickle in, we found ourselves downstairs with Skerik for a "conversation" about Bandalabra, jazz and politics.

Following our "conversation" we made our way back upstairs to a surprising crowd as Skerik's Bandalabra took the stage. Skerik's projects bring a certain amount of energy and unpredictability to the stage and Bandalabra was no different. Each member of the new project represented an integral piece to a complex and beautiful musical puzzle. The music was edgy and complex, while channeling a clear party vibe. Under no circumstances do I anticipate seeing Bandalabra as an opening band again. They are a headlining, show-closing, late night masterpiece and indeed a tough act to follow. As their set concluded, the quickly filling venue showed their appreciation.

Backstage, Zach Deputy and his band rehearsed and prepared for the show, asking Carly Marthis what she wanted to hear. "Quarter in My Pocket" was the verdict as the band went from trying it out backstage to slipping it in as their third song of the set. By the time Zach Deputy hit, Cervantes' Other Side was packed. Young folks lined the front of the stage for a change of pace from the in-your-face fusion of Bandalabra. It was time for song-writer oriented, popular sounding compositions. If there is one thing Zach brings to the table it's soul and as he sang his songs, one could see the girls melting away in the first few rows. Zach's band was decent and fitting for the music, though I thought that his full ability was lost in the mediocrity of sharing his creative vision. Zach draws people in with his solo abilities and clearly doesn't need a band. However, that night we heard an attempted translation of Zach Deputy's solo work via the full band.

In the end, Cervantes was packed. Furthur's sell out at Red Rocks showed no effect on the young crowd that night. The music was enjoyable, the vibe was light and people turned out to get down. Denver's music community runs deep. In very few markets can you remove just under 10,000 people from the potential ticket buyers and still have a packed house.

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