Umphrey's Mondays in Denver, CO

Highland Tap & Burger
Denver, CO

Words By J-man

What happens when a band becomes so popular that fans demand more than what their touring schedule has to offer? Umphrey's Mondays has become the solution to the band obsessed fan's craving for one of the scene's powerhouses, Umphrey's McGee. Superfan, Abby Radbill took her love for UM and translated that passion into a gathering for others who shared in her desire to assemble and celebrate the music that they love.

"Summer of 2011, Umphrey's was promoting the release of their new album Death By Stereo and held a contest for fans to win a Death By Stereo Album Release Party. So I submitted an entry, a short story, as to why Denver should be one of seven cities to win said party. Well, we won, threw the party at Pete's Monkey Bar, had an amazing turnout and a total blast. That gave me the idea of throwing parties like this more often. Widespread Wednesdays were always a hit in Denver, so I thought why not Umphrey's Mondays?!" Abby said about the beginning of UMonday's.

"Sometimes I can’t believe that what started as a drunk idea I had one night in a bar has turned into what it has. We all know UM has a big fan base in Colorado, but I’m overjoyed that we can get seventy five to one hundred people out on a school night to celebrate them. It just goes to show that when a group of very social and fun people share the same passion, anything can happen. Luckily, the generous folks at Highland Tap & Burger provide a really comfortable, social, and spacious venue for us too. What’s really been incredible for me is that over the past few months we’ve gained the support of the band and most recently Live Nation, who have both helped spread the word about Umphrey’s Mondays and provided us some great swag to give away at each event. For a while we’d have the same fifteen to twenty friends show up every month, but now you can easily meet fifteen to twenty new people that you share something really special in common with." Abby went on to say.

While reflecting on the diversity of the event and the direction in which it could grow, Abby is thinking big. "For the future of Umphrey’s Mondays, I see them continuing to get bigger and better in terms of the number of people. The more love this area shows for the band, hopefully the more multiple-night runs and holiday shows we will see in Colorado. I see us doing more live webcast and iClips viewing parties and Skype sessions with the band members too. Umphrey’s also has a reputation as one of the most fan-friendly bands out there- they are always so generous with their VIP Packages and hosting events with their fans pre and post-show. It would be great to turn the tables on that sometime. Perhaps the band would be down with Rockies games, brewery tours, hikes, ski trips, drinking beers on a patio, or BBQs in the park with the Umphrey’s Mondays crew some day? That would be awesome!"

In the meantime, the events continue to grow with leaps and bounds and on the brink of a couple of huge Umphrey's shows at both Red Rocks and Boulder Theater, the crew assembles once more to open up the week of Rage. Join Abby and a bunch of UMphreaks tonight at The Highland Tap & Burger where we will be streaming NYE 12.31.11 as well as giving away multiple pairs of tickets to Friday's UM/RRE Red Rocks show! We'll see you at The Highland Tap & Burger!


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