MusicMarauders Presents: Halloween Choices

Quixote's True Blue or The Oriental Theater
Denver, Colorado

Is there another city in the country that provides the range and volume of choices like Denver, when it comes to live music? On any given night, it's a choose your own adventure with a handful of your favorite bands only a page turn away. We figured we'd jump right in and promote multiple options this year on Halloween. On Tuesday October 30th we recommend Cornmeal & Grant Farm at The Oriental Theater. Then on Wednesday, will it be the newly transformed, Cornmeal at The Oriental Theater or Particle's 80's Flashback Halloween with scene new-comer The Recovery Act at Quixote's True Blue? The choice is yours to make...

Cornmeal & Grant Farm Tues. Oct. 30th at The Oriental Theater.

Cornmeal Wed. Oct. 31st at The Oriental Theater.

Two-day Cornmeal pass for Tues. Oct. 30th & Wed. Oct. 31st at The Oriental Theater.

Particle 80's Flashback show w/ The Recovery Act Wed. Oct. 31st at Quixote's True Blue.


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